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April 3, 2017

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December 22, 2015

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Restore yoga provides us with an opportunity to disconnect from our hectic day-to-day lives and go inward, both in body and mind.  The purpose of the practice is to do exactly as it’s name suggests- restore the body- giving it a chance to rest and recover from all that life throws at us.

So what is it?

Although different types of restore yoga offer different physical benefits, like yin which stretches the fascia, or a full restorative yoga, with allows us to surrender to poses by using a variety of props and supports; all forms of restore yoga provide us with a chance to rest and relax and encourage mindfulness. Like other forms of yoga, we also link the breath to the body, thus bringing awareness to our quality of breath. All poses are held for 3 minutes or more and there is are ofter long moments of silent which allows time for introspection. We practice in stillness or gently move from one pose to another

Love quick paced yoga? Think restore yoga is not for you?

 The term yoga means to “yoke” or “unite”. Yoga is about finding balance of strength (sthira) and ease (sukha). Therefore, a restorative or meditative practice is as important as an active practice, as it contributes to balancing out all aspects of our being –physically, mentally and emotionally.

Not yet convinced?  Here are 10 reasons to practice restore yoga:

Slows you down- in the fast paced world (Nairobi!) this practice gives an opportunity to chill out

Calms the nervous system– with all the input we get now with smartphones, computers etc, our nervous system has difficulty calming- practicing in a dark, quiet room soothes our nervous system

Improves sleep – with a quiet nervous system, we learn to let the body relax thus leading us to better quality sleep

Builds Body Awareness- moving slowly from one pose to another helps us to become more aware and accepting of our bodies

Deepens Emotional Awareness– sometimes we hide or ignore our emotions, yet in a restore class, as we move inward, we develop a deeper understanding of, and maybe compassion for, our emotions

Encourages feelings of Safety and Security- as most restore poses are done on the ground, we connect with our root chakra, which is responsible for our feelings of safety and security

Improves alignment –holding poses for a longer amount of time allows us to see what feels right and what feel off, thus improving our alignment  

Builds patience- the slowness of the practice helps us to build patience with ourselves and others

Accessible to all- restore yoga is great for the elderly, injured athletes, pregnant women and those suffering from trauma

It’s like a vacation- the feeling of relaxation, ease, and calmness after a restore class will keep you come back for more!