Why isn’t my twinflame calling me?

He is supposed to be my twinflame? Why isn’t he calling? Why isn’t her answering when I call?

Twinflame suddenly disappear? Come on in girlfriend, let’s look at some possibilities:

1) He is your twin but he got scared and is now the runner. In this case, doing energy clearing meditations and balancing chakras can help to clear out energy and blocks between you and your twin.

2) He may not be your twin and was a false twin sent before your real twin to help you work through some issues so you are ready for your twin.

3) He might be emotionally unavailable, whether he is your true twin or not, he needs to deal with this, however, it is unlikely to be a true twin because twinflames connect emotionally and on spiritual levels so if he is emotionally unavailable, he most likely is not your true twin.

4) He might just be looking for a fast physical connection and isn’t your true twin. Some red flags to watch for in this type of man are men who are sexual right away and always turning the conversation to sex, they are only interested in seeing you for sex, they have no interest in getting to know you as a person or seeing you in daylight or going out in public with you. If his only or primary contact is at night for booty calls, he is most likely just looking for a quick physical interaction and your true twinflame will want sex but will also spend time with you and connect with you beyond your bedroom time together.

It can sometimes be unclear if someone is your true twin, chat with me today and give me your name and his or her first name, both your dates of birth and some backstory.

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