Opening The Third Eye Leads To Much Weirdness…

Opening The Third Eye Leads To Much Weirdness…

In this special article you are going to learn about a method for opening the third eye that has gained massive popularity and is still spreading fast around Asia through special educational franchises in places like India, Indonesia, Japan and Malaysia for creating superhuman abilities in both children and adults by opening the third eye and activating the midbrain in children.

Is the legendary effects of opening the third eye, such as super-sensory abilities, telepathy, or telekinesis really possible, or is this just the biggest scam of the century?

Keep reading to find out…

Does Opening The Third Eye Really Create Superhuman Powers?

Imagine if you could display magical feats like Derren Brown, Dynamo and David blaine, but for real, not magic tricks. Just by applying a simple method using technology that is scalable, and can also increase levels of self confidence, IQ and well being.

More on this in a few moments but first I want to quickly recap on the previous article and podcast, ‘How to Become Superhuman’ where we went deep into Wim Hof, who has a method that’s been proven scientifically to directly influence the autonomic nervous system, giving people power over their own physiology. Wim’s method can be used to control your own immune system and create better health, endurance, fitness and stamina. I was impressed that Wim had managed to get science to back up his claims, and that his technique was very similar to the one I used to recover from a chronic illness without medication or surgery. So as a ‘renegade pharmacist’ finding a technique that is scalable and that can be more effective than medication was very enlightening.

Wim’s abilities are also shared by the famed yogis of tibet and the Himalayas who can also display superhuman feats of endurance and do things like raise their body temperature and slow down their heart rate consciously. These yogis also are revered for displaying supernatural abilities through a similar process for opening the third eye, called ‘siddhi powers’ where they can show telepathy (reading minds), remote viewing (seeing across large distances), telekinesis (moving objects with mind) even levitation. These powers are created techniques using powerful forms of breathwork, pranayama and meditation that eventually leads to the opening of the third eye.

Unfortunately many of these yogis have been debunked as being none other than great illusionists, however there have been reports of some cases that just cannot be explained.

15 year old ‘Buddha boy’ does not eat, sleep or drink for months, all he does is this…

These special educational franchises that are spreading like wildfire claim to be able to create similar powers of opening the third eye in people with the added bonus of enhancing academic and sports performance and levels of self confidence, focus, concentration and wellbeing. All great benefits for a child growing up in a competitive environment.

When I first discovered the existence of workshops designed specifically for opening the third eye in children by activating the midbrain using both ancient and modern techniques, I really had to prove to myself whether this was true, or whether it was it just a big elaborate scam!

I have been fascinated by magic and the supernatural world since a child and was drawn to the comic world of the super heroes, like the x-men. I always wondered if these superpowers could be developed one day. I was also drawn to magicians like Derren brown who could display psychic abilities, knowing deep inside they were just great illusions, but a part of me really wanted it to be real.

Then I met John Vincent, my close friend and colleague who has been a professional magician for over 15 years. He taught me some tricks with cards that can make anyone think you are psychic, but when you know how the trick is done, it’s really underwhelming. John got bored of stage  and close up magic tricks, which is really just the art of deception and wanted to delve deeper into discovering real magic that can help people rather than deceive them. There are many fake psychics and faith healers who have been debunked over the years who are still filling venues who use nothing more than illusions and mental trickery. Deception for entertainment is harmless, but in the wrong hands it can be used to take advantage of people.

The closest John got to discovering real magic was when he learned NLP, and hypnotherapy. This is the ability to use language and mental imagery to invoke positive change in people, such as create more confidence, get rid of phobias and create new more beneficial habits. The results really do appear like magic to the subject as serious problems such as addictions and phobias can be cured almost instantly. What we both discovered was that the mind is like a computer that can be programmed with patterns of words and pictures for certain outcomes.

Imagine if there was a school for opening the third eye and creating superhuman abilities too?

This story really begins with my encounter with Uri Geller. The famous self proclaimed psychic who made spoon bending famous. Love him or hate him, one thing Uri Geller really did was make the interest supernatural world more popular. He has also been debunked many times, but many people still believe him to be very real. I watched a documentary called ‘The Secret Life Of Uri Geller’ that featured various famous people such as Edgar Mitchell,  the president of israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, the head of Stanford Research Institute claiming Uri Geller’s powers to have proven under lab conditions to be genuine. He was shown to possess the ability to remove view, identify objects without seeing and also bend mental with his mind. I was blown away by this documentary and really wanted to meet Uri Geller.

Uri Geller Agreed To Be Tested For Psychic Ability At The Stanford Research Institute In 1972, Then This Happened…

When Opening The Third Eye ‘Bent’ My Reality

One thing I love to play around with is using meditation and visualisation techniques for opening the third eye and to make future events that I really want to manifest into reality. It doesn’t always work, but I do believe in the power of will and intention, and have had way too many strange unexplainable experiences that makes me really want to prove once and for all whether the mind can really influence reality. So as a fun experiment I did a special meditation manifesting ritual that i do inside a sauna to attract Uri Geller into my life – a technique I learned while studying ancient cultures who used sweat lodges like the native indians and nordic people.

Then the very next day by some exceptionally strange coincidence I received a call from my dear friend Swami Ambikananda who runs a charity that builds orphanages for street children in India. She said, ‘Guess who is coming to our next charity dinner?’ I asked, ‘Who?’ She replies, ‘Uri Geller! Are you coming?’ I was totally shocked and cried,’Of course I am’! So it seemed to have worked…

Then even more to my surprise at dinner I realized Uri had some strange similarities to myself. He did a talk at the dinner and auctioned off some spoons he bent in front of us for charity. The beginning of this talk he told us that his company is called 1111 ltd. He explained the symbolism and significance of the number 11. My first album was called Eleven and had 11 tracks on it. I also felt 11 was a special number to me. He then went on to tell everyone in the room that the number 11 may start to show up in your life everywhere in weird and mysterious ways, and it is a sign there is a spiritual force in your presence, and whatever your thoughts want to manifest at that time, will manifest into reality, good or bad.

Uri and I ended up speaking and he actually invited me to his home for a meeting. The day I went to his home happened to be September 11th 2013, and we shook hands on working on something together. He has a very charismatic personality and you can see why he can attract people like Michael Jackson as his best man and best friend. From that day onwards my life became very very weird in a very good way.

Uri Geller Bends My Spoon, Then My Life!

I had been invited to India to speak and perform our music based transformative technology called Trypnaural at the Global Congress Of Spiritual Scientists, a conference all about the mind and spirituality, the week after I met Uri. Here we met D.P Mahesha, a memory champion who runs various training workshops using mind power techniques to enhance mental performance. I had booked us a room at the Oberoi in Bangalore and we had requested 2 twin beds to share. But when we got there there was only one big double bed. Obviously not wanting to sleep in the same bed as John, we complained and got a free upgrade to another room.  John ran into my room, saying check this out. He was completely shocked as our flight numbers to and from India was 118 and 119 and our hotel room numbers were the same! 118 and 119! There was that number 11 again, and this was the beginning of a lot more weirdness involving the number 11. One example of many is the fact Wim Hof and I both have the same door number 11.

January 2014 – Our mission to find real magic begins…

We were really inspired by this visit to India and so we both wanted to go back to see if the magic of the famous himalayan yogis was for real. We thought if anyone can show us this kind of stuff it would be D.P Mahesha, so we went back to meet him. Mahesha showed us some crazy stuff, memorising over 50 numbers within a few minutes, then went on to show us a video featuring these supernatural children…

Mahesha showed me a video of a child who was blindfolded, playing chess as though she could see perfectly with her eyes. This took me by surprise, and at first it did not register exactly what was going on. So he showed me another video of a child correctly identifying the color and number on playing cards. I told him to stop the video, and explain what was exactly going on. It just seemed like some elaborate magic trick performed by some children.

Mahesha then explained that this was not magic, but a special process that could be done to awaken dormant super sensory powers in children between the ages of 5 -15 by opening the third eye and activating the midbrain. The midbrain is the part of the brain where the ‘third eye’ or pineal gland is present. It is the most primitive part of the brain and deals with senses, feelings, awareness and survival. Mahesha had recently been conducting these workshops in several cities in India, where children were gaining this new blindfold reading ability, but also were seeing a dramatic boost in the power of their memory, their I.Q and emotional stability (EQ).

Parents were reporting that their children has become more well behaved, compassionate and had a more keen interest to study the subjects they previously felt were boring. I was completely blown away by what I was witnessing.

I had just spent time with a professional magician, who had shown me how you could easily fool someone into thinking you had psychic powers, so I remained very skeptical. When I showed the videos to John, he stated that it was remarkable if it was true, but explained how it could easily be replicated by a mentalist magician as blindfold reading was a common parlour trick.

Part of me could not believe someone of Mahesha’s calibre would be running a scam, and that the possibility of a scam like this spreading so far in so many countries in Asia and for so long seemed impossible. But another part was so startled by what I was seeing that, I was not going to take Mahesha’s word for it until I could see this with my own eyes.

Mahesha explained that this concept of opening the third eye has been spoken at length in the ancient vedic books, but until now it would take years of practice and dedication, something only pursued by the most adept yogis.

But after just a few sessions of special training involving various exercises that stimulate both left and right brain activity, and the use of special music technology that activates the interbrain and midbrain, the location of the pineal gland, one of the most mysterious endocrine glands in the human body – these children displayed under test conditions, supersensory powers of being able to read and sense precise details about objects with their eyes closed.

They also showed increased IQ, with improved creative and academic performance.

They now excel in their studies and have more confidence at school. Most of all they now have the ability to think outside of the box and solve problems with creative solutions.

We were told by Mahesha that he did not know the origins of who created this special music technology but they had purchased the license from a company in Indonesia for quite an extortionate amount of money. I really wanted to find out who had made it in the first place.

John a professional magician trained to spot scams, and with my over analytical but open mind, we both set out to debunk what was going on in these workshops.

What you are about to hear now may shock you…

The skeptic inside you may cry scam, as it is way beyond the realms of what we currently perceive to be possible.

I was motivated to dig deeper hoping that may be these children, and many more who are trained through these special schools will develop the insight to become the generation who will be the saving grace for mankind, evolving us into our full human potential.

As we were so skeptical we asked Mahesha to prove this was real by running a workshop we could attend to see the process in action. We studied the process closely over 2 days. It involved a series of exercises that would stimulate both sides of the brain and the mid brain that deals with sensory input and our perception of reality.

Join our experiment and learn how to do the mid brain activation yourself…

The initial trial test required children to identify blindfolded, the colors of balls that were equal in shape and weight, but had different colors.

After the first day we did not witness anything impressive at all. The kids who got it right were clearly finding a way to peek through the blindfold. So we left a little bemused, but Mahesha assured as this was normal and to expect some results at the end of the second day. He was right because although most kids again showed very little evidence of supernatural ability there were 3 that showed some signs of extra sensory perception that could not be explained. We wanted to make the test foolproof to eliminate all chances of cheating.

A magician can appear to be able to see blindfolded by finding a way to peek through the blindfold. Even a tiny gap can allow you to see quite clearly what is directly in front, in about a 45 degree radar. Especially if an object is held close to your nose. One of the trainings is to get children to sense objects through the other senses like touch, taste, and even hearing. Apparently when sight is blocked, the other senses can take over.  They get children to sniff objects, and in this case we did catch children cheating as we made the test more fool proof by bringing objects over their heads and not allowing them anywhere near their nose.

Almost no kids could identify the objects with enough accuracy until we met Prejwel a 12 year old kid who completely blew our minds. He was able to identify the color of plastic balls with over 80% accuracy and with over 70% accuracy he was able to identify the number and color of laminated cards. We repeated the test 3 times with him and he got similar results each time.  There was absolutely no way he could cheat and John being a magician made sure of that. There were a couple of other kids who displayed similar results but not as convincing as Prejwel, but this made us believe this mid activation phenomenon warranted further investigation.

Prejwel, The 8th Wonder Of The World?

Mahesha then explained to us that there were more kids who had been activated for longer and could show even more impressive results from opening the third eye. This took me to Gujurat where I witnessed several children with remarkable extrasensory talents. I also discovered for the first time the mental maths technique based on abacus counting system of China. Instead of using a physical abacus, the kids would be able to visualise it and still do the calculations as fast as if they had an abacus in front of them.

Here I saw kids perform lightning fast calculations and the modern method for opening the third eye called mid brain activation, dramatically speeded up the ancient process. Again stimulation of both sides of the brain and developing the imaginative side of the brain was important to the success of the technique.

Amazing Mental Maths!

Mahesha let me have the music for opening the third eye  so I could study it and see if I could improve it. I really wanted to dig even deeper and find out who made the music in the first place. This led me on a wild goose chase full of drama and mysteries finally introducing me to Dr David Ting, the founder of the Genius Mind Academy franchise.

I went to a few of Genius Mind Academy workshops also in Bangalore, where I witnessed kids moving objects with their mind, and even one child completing the Rubik’s cube in under 4 minutes blindfolded! There is a system to cheat this by memorising the sequence before hand, but I made it foolproof by not allowing them to see the Rubik’s cube before and after it had been mixed up.

Genius Child Completes Rubik’s Cube In Under 4 Minutes Blindfolded!

Dr David Ting explained that he developed the sound technology many years ago in Indonesia, but he was forced to close the business there because it is a muslim country and their culture feared anything supernatural. He then left to set up shop in Malaysia. He said that the technique originated in Japan by Dr Makoto Shichida but he evolved it after discovering brainwave entrainment music and its effects on the mid brain. Dr Ting also explained that various members of his original company has stolen the original activating brainwave music from him and created competitor franchises.

I wanted to investigate each one of them in turn to find out more about exactly who really originated this technology and whether any of this was real. So we set forward to do this and began our mission to debunk this or prove it to be real.

We were joined by our friends based in Thailand, Glen Mcneil and his wife Kanok who visited the self proclaimed original creator of midbrain activation technology for opening the third eye, Dr Ting, to see if they could find any genuine results.

They also found plenty of kids cheating and failing to get the tests right under strict conditions. But they did film some astonishing children who baffled them as well as us.

I had also contacted various documentary companies in the UK and one person got back to me, Malcolm Brinkworth, a BAFTA award winning filmmaker behind Horizon and Dispatches who was very impressed and was interested in creating a documentary to see if we could activate kids in the UK. This actually gave me the idea to take the technology and do a test ourselves on children in the UK.

So we did the same process for opening the third eye on 2 children, John’s own son, then a 12 year old young man named Harrison, and Lolita, then a 6 year old little lady.. We tried to eliminate all chances of cheating, as kids do have a tendency to cheat given the chance, especially if there is pressure put on them to perform.  After a bit of practice, both kids showed some incredible results.

Further research led me to the fact that both Montessori and Steiner schools, private school franchises that have a unique style of teaching, that many celebrities and  famous entrepreneurs like the Google founders attended, had a chapters in their curriculum that was focused on super sensory development, right brain education that stimulates the creative side of the child’s brain with the use of music and sound that was startlingly similar in its approach to these private after school workshops in Asia.

We were now also motivated by the prospect of a major documentary to prove or debunk whether any of this was actually real. So the trip took us back to Bangalore where we were invited by one of the biggest franchises, Mid Brain Masters. This time we were armed with 4 different cameras so we could capture every single angle possible. We witnessed kids with and without blindfolds identify a variety of objects and even the color of otherwise identical objects kept inside dark pouches.

Then their star pupil who was only 8 years old came out and showed us a feat that deemed impossible. She correctly ordered cards based on their numerical value, whilst these cards were faced down on a table and randomised. I was completely blown away by this as before now, not a single child except Prejwel was able to identify playing cards when they were face down, only face up, which unfortunately left some doubt in our minds as perhaps they were somehow managing to peak.

Then came the major disappointment…

John said before you get to excited, look back at my camera. Shockingly from the angle John was filming from you could actually see the little child cheating by carefully lifting up the corner of each card. What a let down! Then John proceeded to explain how the kids had managed to do all the blindfold techniques by replicating their results. We then decided to trick them all back in return with some magic tricks that John performed. He bent a card on his hand seemingly with his own mind. Then he moved the time on watch forward using energy from his hand. The franchise owners were mindblown and at first fell for John’s story of learning this through his own mid brain activation developed from years of meditation.

We never heard from the franchise again after we had debunked their best performing children, and then this made us question whether every child had been cheating all along and we had been fooled, fooled even by John’s own son, Harrison and Lolita. Perhaps kids are very creative when put under pressure and can devise ways to cheat, or perhaps they were genuinely telling the truth?

Some of the kids had made it on to mainstream TV in several Asian countries with children successfully showing off their talents off under studio conditions. Perhaps these franchises were schools creating 100s of the next generation of Derren Browns and David Blaines? Is this real or just magic? How could these franchises spread so far and so successfully if it was all fake?

Perhaps due to how lucrative each franchise is and the amount of money required to buy into one in the first place, kept the franchise owners in denial or made them intentionally cover up the fact kids have the potential to cheat.

When a child could not perform the franchisors were quick to make up the excuse that the child needs to be in the right mental state and that they cannot always perform under pressure. Sometimes it just felt like a convenient excuse, but other it made sense, especially when we put the kids under the spot light and could feel their pressure to perform infront of cameras, not to mention the added pressure of their parents.

Opening The Third Eye Benefits

Dr Makoto Shichida who devoted more than 40 years of research into the functioning of the brain and was one of the first to discover the blindfold reading phenomenon, actually uses the term “Interbrain” rather than Midbrain, although biologically they are both two separate regions of the brain, that are both stimulated by brain stimulation techniques to produce the super sensory effects.

The interbrain acts as a sort of control tower of consciousness and is equipped with highly advanced intelligence.

In order to awaken this part of the brain, it is necessary to stimulate a hormonal discharge by sending a special vibration.

In the human body, it is the pituitary gland that regulates the hormone secretions and this function has to be awakened. For this, it is necessary to activate the neighbouring pineal body.

The pineal body secretes two hormones: melatonin and serotonin. The secretion of melatonin increases in the dark and decreases when it is bright. Serotonin is closely linked to the evolution of species and has the capacity to increase the intelligence of the right brain.

Since the midbrain is responsible for communication with the left and right hemispheres of the brain, the process of “activating” the midbrain will result in better communication with the left and right hemispheres.

As individuals grow older, the brain has the tendency to automatically assign one hemisphere the brain to become more dominant in performing certain task (a process known as lateralisation).

This means we end up using much less of our brain that we actually could. The process of “activating” the midbrain reverses this trend and allows us to use our brain more efficiently, hence the improvement in cognitive abilities.

Another interesting effect of midbrain activation is that it allows children to sense the visual properties of objects without actually seeing them with their eyes (blindfolded).

According to the franchises here are the lists of benefits attributed to opening the third eye that both children and adults can eventually receive.

  • Increased and improved memory
  • Higher self confidence and belief
  • Improved learning capability
  • Better concentration and focus  
  • Balanced right and left brain with whole brain function
  • Develop blindfold reading abilities
  • Emotional stability

Method For Opening The Third Eye

Mahesha explained that this method has been spoken at length in the ancient vedic books, but until now it would take years of practice and dedication, something only pursued by the most adept yogis.

But after just a few sessions of special training involving various exercises that stimulate both left and right brain activity, and the use of special music technology that activates the interbrain and mid brain, the location of the pineal gland, one of the most mysterious endocrine glands in the human body – these children displayed under test conditions, super sensory powers of being able to read and sense precise details about objects with their eyes closed.

Over a period of 2 days children will do a series of the following exercises:

  1. Neurobics/Ambidexteritory training.
  2. Brain stimulation using brainwave entrainment music.
  3. Pranayama breathwork, meditation and yoga.
  4. Creative visualization.
  5. Memory training.
  6. Blindfold training
  7. ESP/Telapathy/Supersensory/Clairvoyance training.

Our verdict

One thing was for sure was the phenomenon of Prejwel and some of the other kids who were significantly successful under the strictest conditions we could devise, proving that perhaps the legendary power of opening the third eye was real.

Another thing we cannot deny is that kids benefited from the workshops in other ways. They had better moods, more confidence and seemed to do better at school. They also learned genuine techniques such as speed reading, accelerated learning and memory. The mental maths abacus system was also a fantastic tool for helping kids develop the visual part of their brain and enhance their cognitive and mathematical abilities.

So whether any of this is real or not is up to you do decide. What we believe is that it needs further investigation as their is some evidence of it being real in some cases, not just elaborate magic tricks.

Have a look at the resources for  some enlightening evidence of the various peer reviewed experiments out there that have significant data to suggest ESP, the power of intention, and the effects of opening the third eye is genuine.

You can also download the activation process and hear a sample of the music that claims to activate children by opening the third eye.

Watch the video evidence we have documented over the last couple of years too, then make up your own mind as to whether this is one of the biggest scams of the century or whether it really is possible to become superhuman and supernatural.

Current Scientific Evidence For ESP, Psychic & Supernatural Phenomenon

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