Kundalini Awakening and Accelerated Recovery

Two and a half years ago, I raised my Kundalini energy and began my ascension work to deal with the energy blockages in my energy body and chakras.  When I raised my Kundalini energy, I had not resolved many of my childhood traumas resulting in physical pains and discomforts from these blockages and coping with terrible fears raised when I began experiencing physical, emotional, and psychic changes from my Kundalini energy.

Kundalini energy intensifies our physical and psychological conditions, and psychic abilities.  For example, if you are diagnosed with physical or psychological conditions, it may get worse when you raise your Kundalini energy, and if you have psychic abilities that too will get more intensified.  I spoke with many Kundalini active people who have autism, bipolar disorder, or other mental disorders, and all have said their conditions worsened.

The up side to raising your Kundalini energy is that you have the ability to accelerate your recovery from trauma, abuse, or other emotional injuries as I have experienced.  In two and a half years, I have experienced an unusually fast recovery of childhood sexual, physical, and emotional abuse by my parents.   I have accepted my past after grieving the loss of love from my parents and of my childhood, forgiving others for my abuse, forgiving myself for my reactions to others, and learning to love myself when others could not.

As a result, I was able to leave my past behind me in that I left a marriage that was not right for me, let go of an unhealthy relationship, moved to a new city, began a different career, and changed many friends who no longer suit me.  I now live with little fear in my life, have good self esteem, set healthy boundaries with others, feel really happy and peaceful in my life while alone, and can share love, time, and resources with others freely.

These changes can be daunting to those around us, since they are so dramatic and extreme to many people.  These inevitable changes needed to occur in order for me to leave behind my past, and move onto a healthier future.  Blessings of light, Brooke (Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)