Weekly Tarot Predictions


Aries: Travel for leisure is on the Cards. Wisdom through travel will find speedy solutions to daily problems. Lucky colour: Red, lucky number- 2.

Taurus:  Life is going in law and order. You need to move on from your past. Forgiveness is the key to success. Lucky colour: Yellow ,  lucky number- 1.

Gemini: Intuition is the key. Your losses is a manifestation of your limitation. Ask and receive. The sky is the limit. Lucky colour: Blue, Lucky number: 2.

Cancer: You are feeling success as a young child getting their favourite candy. Maintain authority and dignity at work. Undercurrents of politics are brewing. Practise vigilance. Lucky colour: Blue, Lucky Number: 5.

Leo: Family bonds and ties will make you happy. Reunion with old friends for business or personal reasons will prove beneficial. Your life will move in the direction you want. How does it get better than this? Lucky colour: White,  lucky number: 6.

Virgo: Life is in balance right now. Professionally, things are going towards success. Overthinking is the culprit. Find happiness in problems. Lucky colour: Green, Lucky number: 1.

Libra: Confidence is the secret of your success. Problems and solutions are within yourself. Expect good news to please the heart. Lucky Colour: Yellow, Lucky number: 8.

Scorpio:  Indecisiveness is causing delays. Promotions or marriage is on the cards. As you sow, so shall you reap. Lucky Colour: Blue, Lucky Number: 3.

Sagittarius: You are getting paid for your hard work. Frustration is due to lack of knowledge of where you could make improvements in your life, to see the changes outside. Lucky Colour- Golden, Lucky Number- 6.

Capricorn:  You May be feeling disturbed due to childhood trauma. Forgiveness is the key to happiness. This will lead you to a sense of achievement. Lucky Colour: White , Lucky Number: 7.

Aquarius: Renovations at home will prove to be lucky. Confidence will be boosted. Joint ventures will be successful. Marriage is on the cards. Lucky Colour: White,Lucky number: 9.

Pisces: You have entered the wish period of your life. “Ask and Receive.” You are feeling joyful ness of youth. You will be receiving many offers at work. Avoid over stressing your self. Lucky  Colour: Blue, Lucky Number: 7.

Contributed By:
Geetika Gupta Mahajan

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