Twisted Tales of Tarot: Is That Card Following Me?

Is that tarot card following you? Haven’t you seen this reading before?

Chances are, if you get enough tarot readings, you’re going to see repeat cards. There are only 78 cards in the deck, and eventually you’re going to see most of them in a spread.

But what about those cards that keep popping up? Sometimes, a card or set of cards will follow you around from reading to reading, showing up in different aspects of the spread to remind you that there is still work you need to do. This can provide some insight on how you are proceeding and what still needs to be done to achieve your goals.

If a card or group of cards seems to be lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce on you at every reading, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Is it a common suit of cards?

Sometimes, your spreads will be very heavy in a certain suit for a while. For example, if you are seeing tons of Cups in your readings, you are probably dealing with relationship or emotional issues. If you’re searching for a job or a home, expect to see Pentacles popping up everywhere. All this means is that your primary focus is in this area and that the cards are reflecting where the bulk of your energy is being spent.

Is it a single Minor Arcana card?

For years, a close friend of mine labored under the burden of the Four of Pentacles. No matter what she did, that lovely, nervous woman on the card kept looking back at my friend from behind her closely-guarded treasure trove. We both knew what it meant. My friend had spent so much of her life having things taken from her by friends, family, and strangers that she clung to everything she had for fear of losing it. While this is a good short-term plan, after a while that kind of strategy tends to backfire. Holding on so tightly to what she had was blocking abundance from coming into her life. Until she was able to fully accept, forgive, and release what had been done to her, she continued to hold on to that Four of Pents energy. Once she did the emotional work of forgiveness and release, she stopped seeing the card so frequently. And she started to receive more abundance in her life.

Is it a single Major Arcana card?

If a Major Arcana card is sticking to your readings like glue, you need to stop and really pay attention. These cards tend to be more than daily situation cards; they are connected to Big Life Events that affect your life journey. For instance, if you see The High Priestess over and over and over again, you may be ignoring your instinctive, mystical, psychic self. The High Priestess works closely with the Empress, who holds reign over the stuff of life, the chaotic, powerful energy that permeates the Universe. A person seeing this card repeatedly needs to pull themselves out of the realm of Left Brain and connect once more with the primal energies of life. This could be through meditation, yoga, or any other forms of focused activity.

Getting the same Major Arcana card repeatedly is a message from the cards that you have major work to do on a specific aspect of your life, and until you address this issue you will continue to be blocked from fully moving forward on your path.

It’s all good

Even if a card is hounding you, there’s no need to be afraid. All it means is that there is a message you need to address, and the cards are not going to let up until you do what needs to be done. The card is not a creepy stalker lurking in the shadows. It’s more like your mom, harping on you to clean up your room until you finally get tired of hearing it…and clean up your damned room!

In other words, if a card is following you from reading to reading?

Clean up your room.

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