Qi Gong Routines For Building Self-Confidence

For the past few months I’ve been practising Qi Gong (almost) every morning that I don’t have college, just before sunrise down near the beach. Qi Gong is a great way to start the day with some gentle exercise that gets your energy moving to start the day feeling more confident and grounded.

I find Qi Gong easier to practise than it’s brother Tai Chi, and you can easily follow along to a YouTube video. I bought a pair of Sony Wireless Bluetooth headphones so that I can put my iPhone on the ground a couple of metres in front of me and still hear the commentary. One of the reasons I like the videos below is because they have soothing, reassuring commentaries that sink into the subconscious after a few views.

I have often found strong emotions arising during or just after practising Qi Gong, so remember to take care of your inner child when doing this. Witness the emotions arise and let them go. If they’re particularly strong and/or persistent, find someone to talk the feelings over with.

There are heaps of Qi Gong tutorial videos on YouTube, and you can start with shorter ones and work your way up to longer routines if you’re not very fit yet. There’s plenty of variety so you don’t ever get bored with the same old routine every day. Get ready to meet your new YouTube friends Lee, Jeff and Marissa!

When you get really good, you might even be ready for this one I made:

For even more, here’s a playlist with more of my favourite Qi Gong routines.