It’s Time for a Reset – Recharging Qi Gong

It’s Time for a Reset

There is an opportunity that happens 4 times a
year that will give you more power to make your
life work better, It’s when the seasons change.
Every summer, winter fall and spring we have a big
opportunity to move forward with our plans and
accomplish our goals much easer. Soon we will be
coming up to the spring equinox where the yin and
yang of the planet is in balance, that date is
March 20th, but you want to get prepared Now.

The vernal (or spring) equinox takes place on the
March 20th. and signals the start of spring in the
Northern Hemisphere. Fall in the Southern
Hemisphere during the equinox, the amount of
daylight and darkness is nearly the same in

At that time we will enter the sign Aries the
first sign of the Zodiac. The Equinoxes are
celebrated as the start of the true New Year.
(The New Year on the 1st of January is just the
changing of the year) After a long winters rest
new life is about to bloom again. The theme of
resurrection is taking place.

The word Equinox literally means, “equal night.”

Here in the Northern part of the world the Spring
Equinox, day and night is the same length.
Aries the first sign of the zodiac definitely has
the power to lead and manifest what you want.
That’s why spring is the best time to move forward
in your goals and begin some new. No matter where
you are on planet earth at the time of the spring
or fall Equinoxes the day is equal to the night
this is the time that the yin (female) and yang
(male) are balanced. It is the best time to place
your attention on what you want to create. Take
advantage of this natural life force that arises
with the spring and fall Equinox and begin to
manifest your dreams.

Your intentions are like seeds that if planted in
fertile soil and taken care of, will grow over the
next season, to bloom at the time of the Summer
Solstice in June.
This is the time for growth, new things and
emotional maturity

What should you do during the Spring Equinox

1.Put all your goals and wishes on paper. Yes get
it out of your head and write them down. This is
where the magic square workshop

will come in as a valuable tool for your growth
and give you directions you will need to balance
all aspects of your life.

2. List: What are your top 3 goals are for you in
the next 3 months.

3. List the Number 1 goal for this year

4. Start something new It can be a new workout
routine, a new diet, write a book or what ever you
want. Just start it!

Spring is filled with raw energy bursting out of
the ground, blossoming on the trees let that
energy move you forward in all aspects of your

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and

Dr. Wu Dhi