Positivity in Business

… from the desk of the CEODavid Fisher

Positivity is staying positive even when you find a really good reason to be negative.

Bad things happen in life. Sometimes, it’s only one thing. Other times, it’s a torrential downpour that doesn’t seem to let up. Either way, we must keep going. It’s important to take time to grieve, recuperate, and do whatever we need to do to accept whatever situation we must face.

There is something that can help us in whatever bad situation we find ourselves in. There are right ways to talk to ourselves within these situations. We can’t always control what happens to us, but we can control how we respond to it.

Positive thinking and positive self-talk are amazing tools. Positivity and the power of positive thinking are real. Positivity is the best medicine.

Our brains work in amazing and complex ways. There are trillions of neurons and synapses working in tandem to create the reality we see before us. Within these firing synapses and cells are thoughts.

Our thoughts are part of a loop that affects everything we do. Our thoughts affect our emotions. When we think of something negative, we become angry or frustrated. Our actions begin to become affected. We think about the bad day at work, and then we are irritable. When we become irritable, we won’t be ourselves. Essentially, our emotions affect our actions.

Once our actions are affected, we believe our life has changed negatively. Maybe we believe life sucks and there’s nothing we can do about it. We generate more negative thoughts about the future and our current situation. It’s an endless loop that never ends well.

Positive thinking can help curb a negative outlook. When think positively, our thoughts become positive. Positive thoughts channel into positive emotions, which help motivate us and regain a sense of normalcy. Positive emotions lead to positive actions, such as coping with our situations and trying to make the best of them. Positivity works.

Positive thinking occurs in the mind, but that doesn’t mean the results only take place in the mind. Positivity, including positive thinking, can help our bodies as well as our minds.

Positivity can help us reduce negative stress, which in turn helps our bodies. Positive thinking helps us gain confidence, which leads to relaxation, because we are not worried when we are confident.

Not only can positive thinking help with your muscles and immune system, but it can also help us sleep better at night. One of the key points of positivity is to be grateful. When we feel grateful, we sleep better.

When life gets hard to handle, stop and take a breath. Take a look around and slow down. Life does not happen 15 days at a time. It happens one day at a time—a concept many people tend to forget. If life’s negative stresses start to get the best of you, take some deep breaths and soak up the moment you’re experiencing.

Positivity is a great tool to use in our everyday lives. While life is unpredictable and often unstable, our reaction to it doesn’t have to be. Try to see the positive side of situations. It leads to a happier and healthier life for both our body and our mind.

Positivity in Business

One of the most important steps we can take toward achieving our greatest potential in business is to learn to monitor our attitude and its impact on our work performance, relationships and everyone around us. Being in business is similar to being on a roller coaster ride, there are ups and downs. We encounter hard times, heartache, success, and failure. The key is to realize it’s not what happens to us that matters, rather how we choose to respond.

The best leaders are the best learners. To maintain my winner’s attitude I challenge myself to learn something new every day.

Many companies bet on having a cut-throat, high-pressure, take-no-prisoners culture to drive their financial success. But a large and growing body of research on positive organizational psychology demonstrates that not only is a cut-throat environment harmful to productivity over time, but that a positive environment will lead to dramatic benefits for employers, employees, and the bottom line.

When we maintain a positive attitude, it becomes infectious and those around us pick up on our positive energy.

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