Numerology/Astrology for 7/13/19 – Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 7/13/19

7/13/19 is the number 5.  Let’s get physical with the number 5. It is time to do things just because you can. If everyone put in a small amount of effort, then this world will be a better place. Today, pick up some trash, help someone that is homeless, give money to an honorable organization, meditate, cook a new dish for your family, make this day special and memorable in some way. This world needs your love and care. If you love something you pay attention to that thing. There are many things happening in the world that need a lot of care and attention. It is time for all of us to step up. If you are ignoring what is happening in the world you are actively choosing to ignore the reality or you are completely numb. Either of those choices cause illness over time. Take care of yourself by being honest with what is in your life and what you need.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is still in the adventurous sign of Sagittarius opening us up to new ways to seeing and doing. You will need some spontaneity to feel better. Sometimes you have to break up your routine.

The Moon conjuncts Jupiter also in Sagittarius. This brings potential success to endeavors that you are presently attempting to handle. Social acknowledgement is also more available. Be careful, because there is a type of seductive conviviality that may lure you into places that are best left closed. Power, ambition, and excessive libido can get you into trouble eventually. You have a higher purpose. You have a mission and now it is time to step more into that potential. Life is about growing, expanding, and improving.

The Moon squares Neptune in Pisces brings a dreamy quality. You may feel ongoing emotional disturbances. Know that extreme emotional ideas and thoughts will pass. You do not need to take something too far. There is a tendency to go to excess and overreact. Know that the choices and karma of others is not yours. Do not do stupid things or come to conclusions that really make no sense. Do not take on the karma of others even if they are “family” to you. Your thoughts cannot be trusted right now.

The Sun-Pluto opposition will fully hit tomorrow but you will feel it today. You feel as if you need to perform and are going to put pressure on yourself. But this moment is designed to bring things to a head. Things from your past are going to arise. You may feel your competitive side rise up and not in a pleasant way.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Liars hate truth.
Prejudice lives in illusion.
Manipulators hate boundaries.
Liars live in fear.
Prejudice feeds on hate.
Manipulation moves from lack.

~Suzanne Wagner~








The way I keep my sanity in such challenging times is to do something for others, every day. The more stressed I feel, the more I attempt to do that will assist this world in a small or large way. Doing good for others takes my mind off the horror happening in the world for a brief moment. Sometimes that is all you need. A moment. A breather. A chance to reconnect to what really matters. My garden is one of my sanctuaries. I love watching plants thrive and bloom. I love the repetition and routine that allows the mind to have a project that is constructive and makes a small difference. You do not have to be great at it to gain benefit from it. I am not a great gardener. I learn as I go. I have made many mistakes and get surprised all the time. But that is the process. To listen to the plants, listen to the land, talk to the birds, care for the earthworms, share with the chipmunks.
Humans get so self-involved that they forget that other things are speaking to them. Life is always trying to get my attention.
My mind will always try to distract me. And my mind is very good at distracting me. That is why I actively, consistently do things to break me out of my mind. My mind is an endless maze leading nowhere.
I do what I can to try to give back to this world without the consideration of getting anything back. These blogs and astrology/numerology are also some of those things that I do as a routine to share from my heart and from where I am at.
They are an attempt to give insight into the shadows that threaten to darken the beautiful bright sky of America. An attempt to remind people of conscience that we must unite against the energies that threaten to take away the rights and values that is America.

While we are edging up on the emotional Lunar Eclipse on the 16th, I am noticing that there seems to be a rush of emotional over-reactions happening right now. As an example, I had two panicked phone calls at the Psychic Fair yesterday, and I truly understand the energies happening that are causing such strong emotions to flow at this time but I want to remind everyone that the planets are always in motion (thank god) and so nothing stays the same forever. While this cycle has been extremely difficult for many for a long time, there is no need to do something stupid or irrational. There are answers that you cannot see. Pathways that have not yet presented themselves. Just because you cannot see the path does not mean there is not one. While all of us seem to be on an animal trail at the moment with questionably defined parameters, it is none-the-less a path. There is a way through this time and you will find that which you are seeking. Remember, my words and know that this life is precious. Do not squander this very valuable moment of teaching and growth. You do have what it takes to move through this moment. It is only a moment. There is a better one ahead. Yes, it will take work. Yes, it will not go smoothly. But greatest comes from being challenged and stretching past your old levels of control and assumption.

~Suzanne Wagner~