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Numerology/Astrology for 5/15/19

5/15/19 is the number 5. It is all about taking care of this precious physical world. Life is about learning to care for things. First you have to care for those that love you. Then you learn to care for yourself. Then you learn to care for those that are different than you. And it continues to grow. After all, your heart is limitless. You can love everything. If you are willing to allow that heart to expand beyond your known parameters. I believe that is one of the great purposes for a physical life. To learn about what you still judge. And to learn to let judgment go so you can share love on new and ever widening levels.  We are physical beings living in a physical world. The physical world is perfectly imperfect. We all exist with flaws and foibles that get in the way of authentic expression. It is the love and light that is inside that allows us to move through our own darkness to fully be here and connect with others honestly.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The biggest shift of the week comes today when Venus moves into Taurus and Mars moves into Cancer. As Love/money Venus travels through Taurus, it supports manifestation of your needs and desires. This pattern continues until June 8. Warrior Mars moving through the emotional sign of Cancer until July 1. This creates a more complicated conversation. You will want to work on home and family issues. But Mars triggers the warrior side of your nature, making you want to move quickly and decisively. But emotions need time to process. Some things cannot be pushed or forced. Find the balance between your ambitious needs and your emotional needs. Finding that balance is essential to creating happiness.

Venus is comfortable in the sensual and content sign of Taurus. You want security. You want important things to last, like family, trust, connection, homes, etc. You want to do things that enhance value for the long term. You are more open to indulging in the complex patterns of passion. You feel attractive and connected to those you love.

Mars in Cancer is cautious and conservative. Our mood impacts our choices. Work on finding the strength and patience to move through this cycle.

Mercury forms a sextile to Neptune helping to expand your mind and support creative expression. Projects get accomplished more easily. You will intuitively know things from the body language of others. You have a heightened sense of clarity. That is good and bad. Sometimes the sudden knowing is a shock when you realize the level of some part of your own self-deception or the deception of another.

The Moon is in fair-minded, relationship focused Libra and it squares Saturn in Capricorn. While the first part wants balance the square creates obstacles and melancholy. Notice your choices. But there may be no one perfect choice.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“The fool doth think he is wise,
but the wise man knows himself
to be a fool.”

~William Shakespeare~






“No legacy is so rich as honesty.”

~William Shakespeare~

“Nothing in this world is harder
than speaking the truth,
nothing easier than flattery. “
~Fyodor Dostoyevsky~