Mediumship passes to little girl, allowing her to meet deceased gramma.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing poet Lori Katherine regarding her daughter’s ability to see spirits. Lori says she had a few early clues that her daughter, Cailee, might be spiritually gifted. One sign was Lori’s grandmother, Nana. Throughout Lori’s life, her grandmother shared stories about the ghosts and spirits she saw. What Lori didn’t know was that her daughter would also be able to discern spiritual entities. In paranormal jargon, the ability to see and converse with spirits is known as “mediumship.”

According to Lori, the family was not particularly open to Nana’s unusual tales. Because Lori was eager and willing to hear her grandmother’s stories the two developed a special bond–one that apparently survived Nana’s passing. One that included little Cailee, born after Nana had crossed into the summer lands.

Born Beneath a Veil

If old wives’ tales are to be believed, another hint that a child will be spiritually gifted is being born “under a veil.” During our interview, Lori confirmed that Cailee’s face was covered by the amniotic sac at birth. The author says she thought nothing of it at the time because she was unaware of the significance. In the heyday of spiritualism, however, being born beneath a veil was considered strong evidence of the child’s mediumship and other spiritual potential.

But even before Cailee’s birth, Lori experienced spiritual events that did not register as such at the time. A year before her daughter’s conception, for instance, Lori repeatedly dreamt of sitting with a little girl who twirled Lori’s long hair between her fingers. To this day, she says, Cailee twirls Lori’s or her own hair prior to falling asleep.

Another indication that Cailee might be special occurred in Lori’s tenth week of pregnancy. Lori states she began bleeding profusely and was rushed to the hospital. In the emergency room, doctors discovered her placenta had separated from the wall of her uterus. One of those in attendance told her “someone” was watching over her baby and that she was very lucky to avoid a miscarriage.

Lori says Cailee was only five months old when she realized her daughter was seeing something invisible to the rest of the family. She always fed the infant while seated in the same spot on the sofa. Each time she drank from her bottle, the baby turned her head to stare a certain corner of the room. As she grew older, Cailee still stared at the spot—smiling. When she learned to speak, the child often pointed to the spot on the ceiling and told her parents “Di-Di” was there.

Mediumship Confirmed

Cailee may be practicing mediumship unintentionally, but her ability to discern spirits is genuine. This fact came home to Lori emphatically one evening while the two were making chocolate pies. As mother and daughter shared some quality girl time, Lori told Cailee about Nana. She explained that Nana had loved to bake and that each time Lori had visited her, Cailee’s great-grandmother had baked a chocolate cream pie just for her granddaughter.

As her four-year-old daughter stirred the chocolate pudding, giggling, Lori picked up her camera to commemorate the event. She asked Cailee to turn toward her. Lori says, “She had the whisk in her little hand and chocolate pudding on her face. I poised my camera to capture this adorable moment and saw this white figure standing right next to her!”

Thinking something was on the lens of her camera, Lori moved it away from her face. But, she said, the human-shaped figure was still standing next to her daughter. Cailee seemed either unconcerned about or unaware of the shape.

Trying not to panic, Lori hurriedly snapped some pictures before the moment passed. When she examined the photos, the figure’s position changed from frame to frame. The photos, taken in a well-lit kitchen, are quite clear. The human-shaped white figure is clearly visible. Cailee did not acknowledge the shape, so Lori did not mention it, either.

Nana’s Visit

When they finished making their pies. Cailee turned to her mother and said, “Nana says thank you for making her the pies.” Lori was surprised because Cailee had mentioned nothing while the shape was standing next to her. She asked her daughter how she knew about Nana saying thank you.

Lori said, “She looked at me so seriously and replied, ‘Because she just came in and told me she was watching us, silly!’”

Cailee’s mom can’t prove her daughter’s mediumship, but the little girl has seen spirits many times in their home. She is not afraid of what she sees except for one entity that sometimes appears in their yard.  Lori says Cailee is adamant about certain spiritual matters. She shared with Lori that her (Cailee’s) life did not begin until she was three years old. She also says God is a woman and specifically picked Lori to be her mom. Out of the mouths of babes…

My sincere thanks to Lori Katherine for sharing Cailee’s story. If you love poetry, be sure to visit Lori’s site at WordPress and follow her on Twitter. Her poetry collection, Flow Like Lyrics, is available at Amazon and The Book Patch.

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