7 Amazing Things You Should Know About Mediumship | Soul and Spirit

Psychic Fran’s quick guide to communicating with the spirit world

Mediumship is a gift from the universe to help us understand that we are first and foremost spirit in a physical body, and that when we die our spirit lives on in another dimension – the spirit world. Mediumship has changed over the years, so here is my quick 7-point guide to help unravel the mystery behind our work.

Deep trance

Back in the 1800’s, illegal séances were held in private homes throughout the country. The medium would go into a trance allowing spirit to move into their aura and take control of their conscious mind and speech. This is known as deep trance.

Deep trance is usually carried out in the dark with just a red light shining onto the medium, enabling the other sitters to see any overshadowing of the medium by the spirit communicator, creating the phenomena of transfiguration.

Direct voice

During these trance demonstrations, voices of loved ones would often be clearly heard and recognised by those present and this was known as direct voice. The medium would often be gagged to prevent them from speaking and many thought this practice was the work of fraudsters, trying for many years to discredit it. However much information proved to be very accurate, especially during the war when servicemen came through giving information on disasters that had happened, but had not yet been released to the press.

Mediumship today

The communicator still steps into the medium’s aura but does not take total control, so it is more of a mental process. There are three main ways that a medium may work today:

When the medium feels spirit around them, giving a sense of knowing what the communicator wishes to convey.

Sometimes called ‘clear hearing’, where mediums hear spirit speaking to them, enabling them to convey messages word for word.

Meaning ‘clear seeing’, the medium is shown pictures in their mind that will convey situations around the person seeking help and guidance, or where the spirit person will show themselves to the medium so that an accurate description can be given.

There are many ways to communicate with spirit and all mediums have their own way of working with the spirit world, Some will use just one method and others may use all of the above or a selection. To find out more visit psychiclight.com/psychics/psychic_fran or use PIN 1133