Under the Oak Tree meditation

I love the warmer weather; this is the time of year to begin the Under the Oak Tree Meditations. Once again these meditations will be held throughout the summer and fall months in a sacred space under the canopy of the majestic Oak Tree, relaxing around the fire pit, listening to beautiful music. This year the focus is a 45 minute silent meditation. Stay tuned for the dates, they will be posted on the of this website.

I love trees, the spirit within them, and the tales they can tell; for they are the quiet watchers of earth. There is healing energy that can be felt when you commune with plants and trees, because they carry a specific energy frequency and vibration. When you are feeling off balance, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, a great antidote is Tree Healing or Tree Medicine. When we think of trees, remember they are grounded with their roots so deep into earth, the trunk is the heart of the soul being and the branches stretch to reach the sky and connection with the heaven or divine.

Each tree has their specific healing qualities; I want to share Oak Healing with you! This is from The Healing Power of Trees by Sharlyn Hidalgo.

“Whenever you feel weak and helpless, sit with an oak or conjure one in your mind. Oak medicine will bring you strength, courage, and bravery. Oak is grounded and strong. It will help you when you are overly excited, anxious, or nervous. With this tree’s help, your energy will ground and even out. When you are carrying too much on your shoulders, you can ask an oak tree to take on the energy and properly disperse it back to the earth for its regeneration.

When you are in a situation that seems to be dragging on or is otherwise stagnant, invite in Oak energy; she will show you that growth and change happen even when you can’t tell physically. She grows slowly and steadily from the acorn, sometimes for centuries. She will help you to be patient. Use the image of the acorn for new ideas, projects, and intentions. Plant them and nourish them well, knowing that in time a tree will grow forth.

Oak represents fertility. If you are hoping to become a parent, commune with this tree. Ask her to share her powers of fertility.

When you are seeking knowledge, information, guidance, or wisdom, ask Oak for what you need. Oak responds to specific questions when you are researching something, especially if it has to do with ancient wisdom or spiritual lineages”.

Another element we use in the meditations is Fire. The fire center is the solar plexus chakra; this is where your light shines from. Using the element of fire creatively can transform negative qualities, thoughts, or feeling into positive ones with its purifying properties. The solar plexus is the source of your imagination, vision of the future and your desire for action. It’s here where you can come to terms with the past and “burn” accumulated karma (the consequences of the past action). Fire is thought to empower, organize, lead and manage our lives successfully. Fire assists us with releasing all that no longer serves us, transmuting the energy and then powering the physical body to activate the whole system. It is also known to promote a healthy immune system leading to vitality and a long active life.