Tools for meditation – Meditation accessories that are recommended for beginners

If you can create an association between peaceful meditation and a particular space or objects you’ll be able to attain that inner silence much faster. As a beginner, you need to know that it can be hard to master in our daily hectic lives the core principles of meditation. But if you can find a few minutes a day it is all that you need to get started. Having said that here are meditation tools, techniques, and strategies for beginners that can help accompany your practices.

Meditation stones, crystals or rocks

Not long ago, various stones had different healing properties and energies. Meditation stones that can add an attractive addition to your meditation space include meditation balls, healing crystal wands and the seven chakra palm stone. Also becoming comfortable in a quiet place is the best meditation technique you can have as a beginner. Here you’ll need to find a place that is quite where you won’t be disturbed. To get started it won’t matter whether you choose to sit or lay down as long as you’ll be comfortable. You can decide to sit on the floor or chair the stones can be placed near by to create the feeling of nature and peace.

Meditation beads

Many meditation practitioners especially the Buddhist use prayer beads when praying or meditating because it helps to keep there attention in the present and that it usually represents the 108 lives we have as a human being before moving to the next stage of life if we dont attain enlightenment. And as a beginner being totally aware of your current surroundings is the best meditation strategy to have. This will require finding out what you hear or feel in your surroundings.

Meditation bowls and gongs

Bowls and Gongs provide a sound that resonates to different parts of the body. Each bowl or gong is made to create a sound to a particular center in the body that strikes with the chakras. The bowls create a soothing and relaxing sound and helps with attuning our body to certain sounds. Focusing on the sounds is similar to chanting mantras which is a formidable way to bring internal changes. The bowls can be stricken or the wooden stick can be moved around the edge of the bowl creating a resonating effect.

Meditation statues

Meditation spaces are for you to practice your meditations in peace and decoration customized to you is beneficial and can help your practice or belief. Creating a space that has spiritual items like statues can help to give you inspiration and help you to remember the importance of your spiritual work. Statues that represent some higher power or significance is greatly beneficial to our meditation practices and by looking at them before practice can help to bring your mind to attention.


Benefits of meditation include reduction of stress, concentration sharpening, and improvement of blood circulation. Thus as a beginner, once you begin practicing while using some of the above items you’ll soon experience an inner sense of freedom, quiet mind, and more open heart.

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