the grace of samadhi

In the Heart of the sacred centre, the harmonic core of all Beings, lies the Light of the Soul, the power centre of life force. This life force is the magnetic realm for all creation, the Radiant Heart of Divine White Fire.

In this place all creation lies in waiting. All thoughts, visions, desires and wishes exist in the resonance of their creation. In this space of possibility, all things exist in their infinite beingness.

Through the grace of Samadhi we bring these creations to life. We grant them presence through our participation in blending desire and form. Through the magnetics of the life force sustaining all creation, we co-create the union that creates life.

Samadhi is Pure Consciousness. The blending of form and presence, the dissolving of limitation and the opening of the infinite.

Samadhi is the space of beingness where something doesn’t need to be anything other than what it is because it already is everything it could be just by being as it is. Just by being in existence it creates its own value. It is all. It is perfection. It is complete.

In experiencing Samadhi, we experience completeness. We are all things in fullness and richness. In radiance, we are the magic as much as we are the form. For Samadhi is the blissful blend of all things, of being the creation and the creator, of transcending the incomplete and rising into completeness.

In the Grace of Samadhi we unite in the expansion of the infinite.

In the Grace of Samadhi we unite in the expression of the infinite.

In the Grace of Samadhi we unite in the creation of the infinite.

In the Grace of Samadhi we witness transformation through our Higher Sight, we experience transformation through our Inner Fire, We create transformation through our Heart’s Desires.

Samadhi is perfection in action. All is recognized, all is possible.

In Samadhi the Light of the Soul is following the thread of resonance for the desire of creation. Through the thread of resonance the spark of life is granted to the pure form of the heart’s desire. Through that spark of life physical presence is granted to that desire and alchemical transformation is initiated.

Samadhi is the flow of Light over the path of Resonance.

Samadhi is Divine Flow.

Samadhi is Union with that flow.

When we choose Samadhi, we weave through our experience towards the true message. When we find the true message, the energy flow is corrected. When the energy flow is corrected, we return to Samadhi.

Let the blissful rippling effects of Samadhi be the natural setting for all life experience.

Let the Grace of Samadhi be the life experience.