Possibility Guided Meditation: A Guided Meditation

Possibility guided meditation

Find a comfortable position and take a deep, slow breath

Take another breath as you relax your feet and legs

Relax your hips and abdominals

Relax your chest, back and shoulders

Relax your hands, arms and neck

Then relax every muscle in your face

Close your eyes

Imagine yourself walking through a fragrant forest

You detect the scents of pine and damp soil, and you breathe them in, taking in the healing aromas of the earth

Water droplets are gleaming on thetrees standing around you, making every leaf and flower petal swirl with rich color

A trail opens before you, and you step onto it, your feet welcoming this new, more even surface

You take a few steps and the trail transforms into many different pathways, all going through this same beautiful forest, all twisting and winding in many directions out of sight

You feel this desire to step forward, and as soon as you do, you see that all the paths are open to you – you can go down whichever one you choose

Upon closer inspection, you see more detail

You see that each path has light and each path has shadows, but all paths are about learning, growing and experiencing all life has to offer

You stand there and feel a certain emotion

Don’t squelch this emotion – let it flow no matter what it is

If you are feeling fear or doubt or some other negative emotion, that’s okay – that’s just your mind using its past experiences to keep you safe

Know though, that you are safe no matter what

You are loved no matter what

You are supported no matter what

You are a spiritual being – you always have been and you always will be

You are on a human journey right now, and that journey is a gift, no matter which path you take

There are no wrong decisions, no accidents and no coincidences

Everything that has happened to you so far in life has also happened FOR you

It has happened to show you who you really are

You are a co-creator with the highest power in the universe

You are made of love and light and stardust

You are here to experience all life has to offer, so if you’ve experienced pain and suffering, know it’s equal in joy and happiness must come to you as well

That is the law – that is Universal Law

Take a deep breath and open your arms wide

You are welcoming that wonderful future to you

Love and a divine sense of trust and faith fills you now

You smile, seeing all the possibilities before you

You know once you start down any path, you can change paths whenever you want because you are the one in control of your own destiny

You have been empowered to make whatever decision feels right to you in the moment

Use that “right and good feeling” as your compass, as your indicator of which way to go

You put your arms out in front of you and close your eyes

Each path you turn towards gives you a certain feeling, a certain sense

You pick the path that feels the best to you and bravely step forward

You begin to come back to your body now

You can feel your fingers and toes

You can feel your body pressed against your seat

You take a deep breath, breathing in all those fabulous possibilities, and release it, letting go of any negative emotion that’s been holding you back

You continue taking these breaths for as long as you wish, then when you are ready, you open your eyes

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