Ending Struggle through Meditation

In 2012, I first set out to deepen my connection to the Divine. The religious traditions of my youth had not resonated for years, and I knew I was ready for something different. In short order, I discovered Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and tuned in one day to hear (for the first time!) Deepak Chopra sharing his wisdom.

I was quite taken by Deepak. Such a deep understanding of consciousness. Common sense explanations for his ideas. And, best of all, disarming unpretentiousness punctuated, as I recall, by red tennis shoes.

As an added bonus, Deepak offered an online 21-Day Meditation Challenge on Abundance completely free! What a fantastic windfall! I was ready! I wanted to give this whole meditation thing a try.

Testing the Waters of Meditation

With no real experience, I waded into the waters of meditation. Each day’s recording was roughly 15 minutes long. Deepak talked for five minutes or so, then the last portion featured soothing music. A soft bell signaled the meditation’s end.

For the first several days, I thought that soft bell would NEVER ring. My monkey mind, as Deepak described it, was unrelenting. Yakity yak. Blah blah blah. My mind assembled an endless stream of petty and trifling details.

Over time, however, both my mind and I softened. It wasn’t too many more days before that gentle bell startled me out of deep contemplation.

When the series ended, I purchased the download and listened to it over and again. It became a beloved and familiar entryway into a calm and peaceful place of my mind.

A New 21-Day Meditation Challenge

This spring, I became aware of a new 21-day meditation challenge being offered by Oprah and Deepak. Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit. Feeling a wave of nostalgia, I signed up for the emails.

This series reminded me of all the reasons I feel such gratitude for both Oprah and Deepak. They so willingly and candidly share from their own experiences. They are committed to helping others find a meditation practice as a way of healing. And they connect the dots in such practical ways. Teaching me how the burdens I carry in my mind become the burdens playing out in my life. Showing me ways to rewrite my life story to open to new possibilities.

This time around, right off the bat on Day 1, Deepak gave me my golden nugget:

No struggle is involved. If struggling worked, the battle to be who you want to be would have ended long ago. Why do we keep fighting with ourselves when this tactic never worked in the first place?

I felt the truth the minute I heard these words. He reinforced the idea with this Centering Thought: My struggle has ended. I am in harmony with myself.

I got a LOT of mileage out of that Centering Thought. The minute my mind would start to say How am I expected to…. I would remind myself My struggle has ended.

Now, simply saying my struggle has ended does not make it so. Making it so involves choosing to let go of struggle every time I make a move to pick up another burden. Listening to this meditation series strengthened my resolve to truly let go of what does not serve and bask in the lightness of being that is drawn into my life.

Try It Yourself!

Here’s your chance to experience one of Oprah and Deepak free meditation challenges for yourself. Registration has opened for The Energy of Attraction: Manifesting Your Best Life. It begins Monday, July 23, 2018. Sign up to get daily emails with instructions for participating in this mind-shifting experience. I’ve already sent in my registration!

Catch Deepak Chopra on New Thought Channel

Here’s another windfall for you! Deepak appears as a guest on Season 2 of the NTC-TV original series One Simple Idea, hosted by Mitch Horowitz. Deepak is thoroughly in his element, masterfully explaining consciousness and quantum theory – and in a way that makes perfect sense. A must-watch episode if you’re a spiritual seeker.

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