Creating a Meditation Space

Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty great and low-key.

On Friday I got home and was wiped. I spent the hour I had with Ben before he went to do doughnuts (sorry, boo) complaining about some stuff that happened at work. Once he left, I decided to truly CHILL. I put on a podcast, ate some yummy food and had a glass of wine. I didn’t do any work – just let myself truly shut off.

Saturday ended up being an entire day of packing for our move on Friday! It was kinda stressful and we had plans to go get dinner, but ended up instead ordering in some Thai and I had a couple of glasses of wine. This bottle of wine I bought on Friday has been a lifesaver – haha! Sunday I worked on and off with packing and getting a social media plan put together for a client meeting I have Monday night.

As you can see, moving is top-of-mind for us right now. We get our Uhaul on Friday morning, have to pack that up and then go to the new apartment and unload everything. Our living room set should also be coming during that time. With that, we need to have everything ready to go by Friday morning. The space Ben and I are most excited to create is our meditation space – or “Meditation Station” as I like to call it. ?

This little space will be in an all-windowed corner of our new apartment. Since Ben and I both meditate every day (sometimes more than once!) we figured this would be a fun little space to set-up a meditation station for our daily sessions + just a fun little nook to read a book or relax in.

Here’s what we’re thinking we’ll need:

  • 1-2 floor pillows
  • Small table
  • Crystals
  • Candle
  • Buddha
  • Little bowl/thing for our fake coy fish Ben bought (LOL)
  • Incense and/or oil diffusor

So far, I picked up a bunch of crystals in Denver + my sister said she got me a few as well. I’ve always loved crystals (well, to be frank, when I was little I just thought they were cool rocks) so I’m excited Ben’s going with the flow and doesn’t mind me picking some up. He really wants a Buddha statue (we found a fun one at World Market that we might pick up) and possibly incense. I’m more into candles or figuring out the whole oil diffuser thing, so that’ll be a game-time decision! We also found this great little table at Target that might work out.

Here are a few inspirations: 

Creating a Meditation SpaceCreating a Meditation SpaceCreating a Meditation SpaceI found these on Pinterest, but the direct links are (in order) here, here and here!

We’re so excited for this space, so it’ll probably one of the first spaces we go out and get everything we need to fill it. I’ll make sure to put up a post with how we created our own Meditation Station once we’ve got it finished!

What do you think we should include in our new meditation space?

So friends! Make sure to follow me on Instagram – I think I’ll be doing an Instagram live to show you an empty house tour on Friday!