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Ripen Your Teaching, Refine Your Skills

Are you ready to join the next level of yoga teachers? Become a 500-RYT through Samadhi’s 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training, Embody Samadhi. We have crafted this professional development program in order for you to have greater expertise into the science of yoga. You will be mentored by Denver’s top instructors including Cheryl Deer, Jeremy Wolf, Hansa Knox, Kristine Whittle, Santosh Powell Brittany Belisle and Alejandro Morin.

This yoga teacher training is advanced not because you dive deeper into asana, but because you go deeper into your path as a teacher. You’ll develop advanced understanding of teaching techniques beyond guiding asana.

For a free consultation to discover if this program is your next step, email the YTT Coordinator, or begin your journey today by filling out our application.

Program Highlights | Program Details

Why Choose Samadhi’s Advanced Program?

Don’t just memorize concepts, tricks, and techniques—Embody Samadhi.


Samadhi Yoga Denver is honored to have top teachers designing, leading, and refining our 300 hour program. Additionally, we humbly host national teachers each year so that our 300 hour students can experience the highest level of instruction.

Experiential Learning

Our yoga teacher training focuses on teaching practice and development. You will lead community classes, receive one on one feedback from your teachers, and focus on the development of your personal practice and relationship to yoga.


Lead teachers of our Advanced Teacher Training are deeply rooted in lineage. Samadhi brings in teachings from Rod Stryker, krishnamacharya, Thich Nhat Hanh, Anna Forrest, Bihar School, B.K.S. Iyengar, and Tias Little along with more.


Our advanced teacher training i is meant to be a program that fits your path as an individual. You can finish the program in as little as one year, or take up to three years. You are able to craft the concentration of the program through the electives you choose to take, this allows you to get the most value out of the program for where you want to take your teaching.


The core strength of the advanced teacher training program is that our students are supported to deeply inhabit the fundamental values and teachings of yoga as a time-tested way of life. While our content is rich and varied, we feel that the most powerful way to affect the world is to transmit the energy of the practice.

What we will not do is consume yoga as just another commodity. We know that yoga is sacred and we aspire to keep it that way.

Program Details

Advanced teacher training consists of a total of 300 hours to be combined with a previous 200 hour certification for your 500-RYT. Embody Samadhi is composed of 5 Core Modules to equal 150 contact hours plus 150 hours of Electives so that you can tailor the program to support your own path. Students enrolled have up to three years to complete all hours, but can graduate in one year.

Samadhi’s advanced teacher training is a Yoga Alliance (YA) Certified School. Upon completion, graduates can register as a 500-RYT.


  • Each core module a la carte: $479 (x5= $2395)
  • All 5 Core Modules – paid in full: $2270 ($125 discount)
  •  Complete 300 hour tuition including electives begins at $4475. (price varies depending on which electives students choose)
  • $479 Non-refundable deposit, paid within one week of acceptance, saves your space;
  • Teacher Trainees receive 20% off events, books and merchandise, and free yoga classes with Jeremy, Cheryl, Brittany and Santosh while enrolled.
  • Completion of 200 Hour Teacher Training
  • Documented Teaching Experience and References
  • Dedicated personal practice
To apply, Email our Yoga Teacher Training Coordinator or fill out the inquiry form on this page to request an application.

You may apply and start at any time throughout the year, there is no specific start date for this program.

Core modules comprise 150 hours of the overall program. These weekend long intensives are each crafted to deliver the heart of the training. These are crafted and taught by our lead instructors.

Core Module Content: The following material will be covered throughout the course of the 5 Core Modules. Each module has a specific concentration.

With mentors you will workshop your cueing and practice leading asana, meditation, and pranayama. You will study asana techniques including alignment, energetics, modifications, sequencing, hands on assists, and leading advanced asana classes.

You will learn sequencing from anatomical, energetic, seasonal, and ayurvedic focuses. Additionally instructors will discuss seasonal sequences, and how to apply subtle body anatomy in group classes.

Anatomy will be in depth and comprehensive with a therapeutic focus. Anatomy most relevant to yoga practitioners such as the psoas, shoulder, foot, respiratory system, and much more will be covered. Subtle body anatomy will be a major focus of the program, covering extensively the nadis, chakras, koshas, vayus, doshas and gunas as they relate to teaching yoga.

We cover seminal yogic texts and how to practically incorporate them in group classes including Vedic Upanishads, Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita, The Siva Samhita, Yoga Yajnavalkya, Bagavad Gita and more. We bring in experts in ancient text to make this part of the training applicable and authoritative.

Another major aspect of our advanced teacher training. We cover personal practice, Ayurveda, the importance of community and the essential aspects of deep sharing and contemplation.

You will learn how and when to demonstrate, how to observe students in group classes to understand and better support them with cueing, props, and modifications. Mentors will advise on the business aspects of yoga including resumes, class building, and career development.

Our advanced teacher training’s true value is the balance in the curriculum between practical applications to bring to your teaching and classes and the never ending study of the science of yoga. You will do as much self study as you do anything else in our program, this study will be guided and facilitated by your mentors.

Core Modules can be taken in any order. This allows you to be able to join the program at any given time throughout the year. All five modules are hosted once a year.

Core Modules are held approximately every two months depending on the availability of instructors, for the current schedule see our Events page. The class times of each modules varies, depending on the schedule of the particular module enrolling in.

Students who pay in full, in advance, for all 5 modules receive discounted tuition of $2270; regular price is $479 per module.
Students pre-register one month before the start date of each module.

Elective hours make up the remaining 150 hours of the training. You will choose from Samadhi’s offerings of year round workshops and trainings to fulfill these hours. This allows you to concentrate your training on your specific areas of interest.

Workshops at Samadhi change from year to year, an idea of workshop you can expect to see are:

  • Yoga Nidra Immersion and Teacher Training
  • Yin Teacher Training
  • Restorative Teacher Training
  • Adaptive Yoga Teacher Training
  • Advanced asana workshops
  • Yoga Therapeutics Immersion
  • Hands on Assists workshops
  • How to teach Privates
  • Reiki Training
  • Advanced Ayurveda
  • Therapeutics
  • Tantra and much more
  • Student’s pay for elective hours as they register for workshops.
  • Cost for a workshop at Samadhi ranges from $10-$20 per hour.  Prime Electives may be additional.
  • Bonus: Embody Samadhi students receive 20% off early bird prices of all events.
  • Hansa Knox

Samadhi also brings in national teachers annually to offer elective hours. Examples of teachers brought in to lead elective hour workshops are:

  • Nicolai Bachman

NEW! Yoga Therapist Training with Hansa Knox

Starting Fall 2018

In this 1370-hour training you will not only deepen your own personal yoga practice, but gain the tools to be able to apply yoga therapeutically in many different applications to help people transform.

You must have a minimum RYT 500 or equivalent training. An exemption of RYT 500 is considered for graduates of the PranaYoga CYTT program.

Details and Application HERE

For specific questions on Yoga Therapist Training, please email Hansa.