In Russia, Igniting Kundalini Fire – Touched By Guru’s Grace


Sat Nam, Yogi Amandeep!  What is Tummo?

Yogi Amandeep

Tummomeans Kundalini Fire.  Kundalini heat burns your karma, burns your past story.  This internal heat, that you create in your own body, has the power to change your genes.  It is so powerful, it can change your genes from the past  21 generations and impact the genetic fiber of your descendants for 21 generations into the future.  With your intention, you can use this fire in your body for healing.  You can use this fire to inspire your service to uplift humanity.  This fire can make you so warm that if you sit outside while it is snowing, you will be sweating.  You can create and use this fire just with your intention.  This can cleanse the body of all impurities.  Be aware of this heat in the body; realize heat can be moved up the body, and you can awaken to new potentials of consciousness.


What is your story?  What is your connection to Yogi Bhajan?

Yogi Amandeep

I don’t really have my story. My story is Yogi Bhajan’s story.

I carry his Love.  He’s always with me in my every breath.  He talks to me.  I hear him as you are now hearing me.  The way you are listening to me now, that is how I listen to him.  I hear him now.  As I talk to you, he is talking to me.  My heartbeat is his heartbeat.  And it happened many years back.  He came to me the first time.  He came and opened up my chest, and opened up my heart.  This was a physical reality.  He opened up my chest.  The physical sensation was so powerful.  It was so strange.  I feared I was having a heart attack.  I feared I was dying.

But the moment passed, and I was okay.  From that moment, my world changed.  He just came; he opened my heart and entered.  I have felt him there ever since.  He has been talking to me and through me.  It’s very powerful.  I know that for many it is very hard to believe.  But Yogi Bhajan is a very powerful master; and I’m just doing his job.

If someone likes me, I say: Yogi Bhajan, I am yours.  And if someone doesn’t like me, I also say: Yogi Bhajan, I am yours.

I am just here to do my job.

The boss says ” do,” and I do.  The boss says, “don’t do,” and I  don’t do.

I am not a student of Yogi Bhajan.  I am a disciple of Yogi Bhajan.

If a student comes to get something then it is easy to be disappointed if that student does not get what he or she expects. This disappointment just means that the student came with his or her own ideas.  If someone comes with ideas, it means you haven’t really come yet.

In the Zen tradition, the process of a seeker being with a teacher is likened to the process of making tea.  We put leaves in a cup and pour water over them.  The leaves and water just show up together, and it is effortless; there is absorption and merging.  What was once just water and just leaves becomes tea.  Similarly, the seeker who is devoted and who has an open heart, he absorbs everything.  He understands that it is not the teacher who is giving or not giving enough; rather, it is the universe that gives.

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