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Manifest 2018, what does the new year demand of you?

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I haven’t set a New Year’s resolution in like…a decade. I’m one of THOSE people that wake up chipper and bright, knowing that each day is a chance to plan, do and be a better, more excellent version of myself than I was yesterday. I awaken, excited to dive into each day expectant to see what and who a new dawn brings me. I don’t need the New Year to remind me of resolutions and growth.

This year was different. I have some big dreams and plans that I am working on and I wanted to enter 2018 cleared of inner obstacles and set with intention.

Partially due to my island heritage and stories of our indigenous customs, I’m intrigued by ancient, spiritual, tribal wisdom and healing practices. When I was invited to participate in a shamanic healing, I was excited and knew that was how I wanted to enter the New Year.

I didn’t have any preconceived notions of what to expect nor did I have any pressing issues that I felt that I had to deal with. I vaguely hoped to hear about worth and wealth but I wanted to be open to the messages that the universe had for me and not to restrict my reception of the message with expectations.

My experience was magical. I left the shaman’s place of healing feeling like what I imagine a cleansed quartz crystal would feel like, focused, grounded, cleared of negative energies and ready to be mentally set with my intentions.

I was surprised by the messages that I received. Not because they were shocking or anything, but because they were reminders of what I already know. What I already understood. However, in retrospect, I had not mastered. The knowing was not filtered down to my roots. It was not fully demonstrated and woven into the fabric of my being and expression. My universal message was about worthiness in its most fundamental level.

During my energetic healing and soul retrieval, visions flashed behind my eyelids like waking dreams, reminding me of my ancestors that sacrificed and struggled so that the next generation can be more. So that I could be more. I was reminded of the strength of the women in my family, of their fortitude, battles, bravery and backbone.

Memories surfaced of the many messages and psychic cuts that I have heard since childhood of not being enough for some or being too much for others. That I should do/look/talk behave like this or like that. That I should be more “white” for some or more “ethnic” for others. The discomfort of straddling two cultures and of being a chameleon in the dominant culture of this country. My spirit drew attention to those recollections and severed the invisible cords that subconsciously restricted the actuality of my existence because I was reflexively gauging and balancing what the people around me wanted and expected from me for them to feel comfortable.

“Stop shining a light on the things you’re not.”
― Gerard Armond Powell

Consciously, I know that I’m worthy of attaining every dream that I hold for myself, yet subconsciously, in between bouts of drive, I continued to engage in self-sabotaging behavior like procrastination, self-talk regarding lack of resources, self-deprecation, self limitation and restriction, being unfocused or unmotivated.

Spirit reminded me that I am amazing. I have the right to be awesome, smart, beautiful and talented without apology. I have the right and authority to be myself in entirety and without reserve.

Pretense of being smaller or being silent, so as to not offend the egos of another does not serve anyone’s journey or growth and does not honor my ancestors, on whose shoulders of struggle I stand.

Heal yourself, heal the world.

My guide reminded me that in my healing of self, I heal the genetic, spiritual weight of my descendants and enrich the lives of those that I touch. That in my healing and becoming one in my power, I provide rich and fertile ground for future generations of those on earth….(human, animal and plant) to grow and prosper.

My soul reminded me to not forget. To be as familiar with these rememberings as I am familiar with the face of the moon in the sky.

So I welcome 2018 not with a mindset of what I hope to receive, but rather a mindset of what I bring into the New Year. To expect new manifestations, I bring forth a new facet of myself that I have let slumber.

We all have magic inside and I have previously likened my inner magic to a fairy. Magical, powerful but ….ultimately invisible. This year I choose to walk in all my power and all of my light. This year I manifest my warrior goddess.

In order to manifest your dreams in 2018, which facet of your soul does the New Year demand of you?

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