The Brain, The Heart and The Law of Attraction


This physical machine that we call our body has two centers/organs with “perception intelligence” – the heart and the brain. These two organs, in combination, dictate and create our physical experience.

The heart is constantly feeding the brain through its emotional signals and the brain in turn feeds the heart out of the vibrations created from its perceptions. It has been studied biologically that the signals of the heart are transmitted to the brain via the blood stream (through “coded information” protein-molecules called neuropeptides) while the brain’s signals are transmitted to the entire body (including the heart) in terms of the vibration it produces (for example, a fearful thought creates a vibration of fear which is felt in the body and accessed by the heart).

So the heart feeds the brain, which in turn feeds the heart and thus creates a cycle of amplification of any signal that got started.

In an unconscious state of being, the heart and the brain can enter into a some specific “cycles” that they get used to and keep replaying it, causing repetition of certain experiences on daily basis.

Your childhood is when specific cycles get started. If you were brought up in unhappy surroundings the cycle that gets created is one of unhappiness where the heart feeds signals of unhappiness to the brain which in turn creates images of unhappiness (which create a vibration of resistance) and feeds this vibration back to the heart, creating a cycle.

On the other hand if you were brought up in happy surroundings the cycle that gets created is one that reinforces the happy state of being.

The cycle that gets activated in you during your childhood is not in your in control because you hardly have the awareness to make a conscious change as a child. But as an adult, who is conscious of his/her choice of aligning with positivity, one can consciously change their “default” cycle into the type of cycle they want – which is a cycle of happiness.

How the brain gets addicted to a cycle of emotion

The heart senses the signals around it (signals created by its own brain and signals created around it in its surroundings from other brains) and sends messages about these signals to the brain by packaging this information in messenger molecules (called neuropeptides) and pushing then into the blood stream.

When the heart senses signals of sadness it creates a certain type of neuro-peptides, when it senses signals of fear it creates a certain type of neuropeptides, in the same way for signals of peace/calm, joy, hatred etc.

In simple words, the heart creates a specific type of neuropeptide cell for every type of emotion. These molecules are received by the brain via the blood stream, and the information coded in these neuropeptide molecules are imbibed by the brain cells – this is how the heart feeds the brain.

Depending on the type of neuropeptide cell that the brain receives, from the heart, it creates “interpretations”, and perceptions, in the form of images or sounds.

For example, a neuropeptide of fear makes the brain create perceptions, images, and sounds (self-talk), of fear. The vibration created by the brain, due to these perceptions, is felt in the body, and accessed by the heart, which in turn produces more neuropeptides of the same type to feed into the brain.

The focus of your awareness on the images and self-talk of the brain causes an amplification of these vibrations (anything you focus on activates a force of attraction or amplification) creating strong signals to the heart which responds by incrementing the number of neuropeptides it sends out. This is how a cycle of emotion gets created.

Here’s the reason why the brain gets addicted to a certain emotional cycle:

The brain is constantly shedding old brain cells and creating new brain cells. When it creates a new brain cell it takes into consideration the type of neuropeptide that it’s most frequently getting from the heart and designs the new brain cell with higher receptivity to that particular neuropeptide.

For example, if sadness is the neuropeptide it receives on constant basis from the heart, then the new brain cells will be designed with a cell-membrane that has higher/easy receptivity to neuropeptides of sadness and less receptivity to neuropeptides of joy. In simple words, the new brain cells would find it easier to identify with sadness and would find it “confusing” to identify with joy.

Over the years, your brain gets shaped with cells that have strong receptivity to a certain type of emotion – so if you’ve been predominantly living in negative emotional states, your brain has cells with highest receptivity to neuropeptides of negative emotions.

So when you become conscious of your negativity and decide to become positive, you sense that it’s really tough to be positive for more than few seconds because your brain cells “don’t get it”, they want negative emotional states because that’s what they are programmed to receive.

The withdrawal symptoms of letting go of negativity

Hopefully the explanation above makes it clear to you why you have such a hard time becoming positive now when you’ve predominantly been in negative emotional states through your life time. This is the reason why you need to be easy on yourself, though you understand “positivity”, the majority of your brain cells are not ready yet to be receptivity of these new neuropeptides of positivity.

Your brain cells are addicted to neuropeptides that they are used to, and will create images, and self-talk, to cause the heart to produce them. This the reason why your brain feels out of control and focuses on negative thoughts when you want to think positive. The brain simply creates negative images and self-talk in order to create signals of negativity so that the heart can produce neuropeptides of negative emotions that the brain cells are familiar with, and have a receptivity for.

This whole process is in sync with the law of attraction which is the principle of creation in your being. It’s not possible to “immediately” shift your brain into positive after having unconsciously fed it neuropeptides of negative emotion for so many years. Your brain craves the neuropeptides that it’s used to, even if they are negative and create negative feelings (just like how the brain of a smoker craves nicotine molecules in its blood cells). To break free from the cycle of negative emotion is like breaking a huge addiction in the brain, and it takes time and willingness to go through some unpleasant “withdrawal symptoms” for a while (that’s why I sometimes refer to the phase of letting go of negativity as the “detox” phase).

How letting go reprograms the brain cells

The practice of letting go is the swiftest way to reprogram your brain cells. Letting go is simply about staying as a space of relaxed awareness allowing the brain to get over its withdrawal symptoms, to allow the brain to get over its craving for negative emotions. When you stay as a space of relaxed awareness you don’t “focus” on the negative images and self-talk that the brain creates (in its hunger for negative neuropeptides) and thus you don’t amplify/fuel these signals. Also, your state of being as a relaxed space causes your heart to send out neuropeptides of peace/calm to the brain more and more.

Within a few months of staying in this state of being, on consistent basis, your brain cells will get programmed to be receptive to neuropeptides of peace/calm/joy and less receptive to negative neuropeptides. This will create a “positive cycle” to start between your heart and your brain, and from here on it just keeps getting rooted in positivity.

If you want you can also use some “tricks”, now and then, to expedite this process of entering into a positive cycle. Here are few pointers.

1: Put a smile on your face every time the brain gets into a negative cycle. The brain constantly creates the image of your facial expression, so when you have a smile on your face it’s forced to create an image of a smiling face. This causes a contradiction within it and it will sooner be forced to create images that match the expression of a smiling face.

2: Most of us have a fondness for music. So whenever the brain gets into a negative cycle, just plug on some of your favorite music (even if your brain is not in the mood for it). The music will soon have an effect on the brain in that it will create positive images and sounds, this relaxation causes the heart to generate neuropeptides of happiness/peace.

3: Take up an activity that’s relaxing to your being, go out for a walk, go on a drive, hit the treadmill, read a positive book, watch something entertaining etc your brain may not feel in the mood for a positive activity because of its craving for negative neuropeptides, but when you consciously shift into a positive activity it causes your brain to have no choice but to plug into positive signals soon enough.

These techniques may be tough to execute initially especially when there is a strong momentum of negativity in the brain. So the best thing to do is just stay as space of open awareness allowing the momentum to die down slowly. In fact, when you stay as a space of relaxed awareness you are automatically inspired by the intelligence of your life stream in the right activity for the moment that aligns you with peace/joy.

To stay in a space of relaxed awareness is by far the most effective means to reprogram your brain because it causes you to connect with the intelligence of your wholeness (which touches your brain through its intelligences) and causes your heart to have access to the joy/peace/love inherent to your being or life-stream. The state of relaxed awareness disconnects your focus from the negativity in the mind and the external reality, and allows your focus to rest on the “inner” space of wholeness of life.

Once the “positive cycle” falls into place in between your heart and brain, it’s a cinch for you to maintain a positive state being on consistent basis thus attracting a strongly positive reality.

  1. Treeter

    Dear Sen,
    I really appreciate this article! Your reasoning is logical and consistent. And yes the explanation above makes it clear why I have such a hard time becoming positive. As I’m working on changing my default cycles and a attracting a positive reality. I’m wondering how to handle a consistent barrage of negativity from say a family gathering where everyone else is in their unconscious behavior? You say it takes time and a willingness but I want to just isolate myself. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  2. Gool

    A very erudite article indicating deep perception of the writer. Reminds one of J. Krishnamurti. Thanks for a good intellectual feast.

  3. Lee

    Why on earth don’t the books, media and the medical profession explain it like this? Maybe it would help those who are truly on the brink of the unthinkable.

  4. M

    Hi Sen
    When I understand something I become less fearful of it.
    Because of your articles I am understanding more and more.
    So many thanks once again

  5. M

    What a coincidence
    It was only this morning that I remembered reading something years ago suggesting that when you smile it’s very hard to have negative thoughts, then I find that you have explained it fully.
    It made me truly smile
    Thank you

    1. Ahmed

      Dear Sen , in many places i notice that you say ‘relax awareness’. I hope this ‘relax awareness’ means the state of mind which can evaluate the condition of mind. In other words, when you are in a position of witnessing every thought of you mind, then you are in state of ‘relax awareness’. I hope what i mean is right. If you could give better explanation then it would be very helpful to attain this state

  6. L

    Thank you so much for your writings, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate these articles. I’ve let myself fall back into the usual patterns of anxiety, worrying that I would have to go on medication again to resolve my excess obsessive and stressful thoughts, feeling so powerless. I couldn’t have stumbled upon this at a better time!

  7. Chetana

    So full of wisdom and strength and yet conveyed in a simple way. Thank you Sen.

  8. joe

    What do you mean by staying as a space of relaxed awareness?

  9. Preet

    So thought provoking Sen. My words are short to express the praise of this article. I already had insights about it but you clarified them more. I have a question please: In past neurologist or psychologists believed that habits or beliefs are set at neuronal connection in brain while modern energy psychologists believe habits are nothing but configuration of photon in electromagnetic field–they call it mind. Your article gives emphasis on both theories about neuronal connection and heart recieves messages from surrounding minds. Can you please clarify my confusion? Thanks

  10. vaibhav

    It was a pleasure reading this wonderful article. Vipasna meditation also talks about detached awareness, but it was presented quite scientifically yet simply by you. Thanks a lot.

  11. A.

    I understand that your theory is based on mixture of Hindu and Buddhist philosophies and that the type of thought examining you are describing is very similar to Vipassana meditation. Hopefully you are motivated from a place of compassion. I am curious to know where it is in the world that you live and what kind of services/resources are inherent to that locality that allow you to sustain yourself. Thoughts that (over time) shape impulses grow differently in different geographic locations, just as do plants. So if you are in a locale where things naturally expand as opposed to constrict then then your thoughts will resonate accordingly.
    If all things are in fact just part of a stream of absolute positive energy then why must one incarnate into a form that has sensory perception and a mind machine that has the ability to generate painful and negative thoughts that manifest into perceivable physical realities. I have experienced much loss in my life and have searched for many ways out of the suffering generated by those experiences but have been continuously disappointed by both my inability to control my own mind and by my seemingly unrelated external circumstances. Whatever it is that has been imprinted in my being I would like to change and have worked both diligently and persistently to do so but I am still very aware of negativity in my self and my circumstances. I am aware that there is a system of balance in almost every human civilization that is in place to help form the experience of duality (AKA self and others), which is of course, quite contrary to the characteristics of the pure stream of cosmic life/love/positive energy that you endorse as 100% available. …and in regards to this system, my joys have not matched my sufferings in both intensity and frequency. I am aware of where my interests are and which part of them seem to be motivated by biological impulses or rather, karmic debts disguised as biological impulses, of which I do not want the burden of due to the amount of suffering they have caused me mentally, emotionally and physically. I am specifically referring to issues such as the loss of loved ones due to untimely deaths, infidelity, and problems regarding finances as well as the by-product feelings of residual anger and jealousy that range in intensity and are almost always part of my daily experience. If you have any insights into this PLEASE HELP.

  12. La’gurl

    This is exactly what I needed to read. I’ve been on my journey to seeking balance for about a year now. Sometimes it’s really difficult for me because it feels like my mind has one mode of thinking programmed into it and I want to think balanced thoughts. It’s causing my chakra to tingle sometimes in my head. I can feel the energy inside myself getting more balanced but I know it takes time. I’m going to try and apply some of the techniques you mentioned above.

  13. Anonymous

    even I have the same problem some days when I try hard 2 be positive I feel positive then the next day I feel like hell, I mean I feel depressed. This goes on some days are positive while others are negative. I got the reason behind this from the article…thanx a lot SEN.

  14. Tadar Amar

    Sir, I have a doubt. If a person love listening to ‘sad’ songs, then while listening to it what kind of neuropeptide will be generated? will it be a sad one, because he/she is listening to sad song or will it be a happy one as he/she is loving that song.

  15. Pavlo

    It’s been 5 months since I posted anything to you and thought I’d give
    you, as well as the readers of your fine blog an update of my progress in
    my journey thus far.
    I’m firmly rooted in Wholeness in the sense I’m totally
    allowing of all that enters my field of awareness on a daily basis. Prior
    to finding your blog in March 2012 I was meditating on simply observing
    thoughts and emotions with no scientific understanding of what I was doing.
    Yes, that practice did allow for a “gap” between thoughts/emotions and the
    space of Being but I had no idea or understanding of the process required
    for true healing, liberation from the mind, and transformation to take root and grow.
    I also fully realize that each of us has a journey of growth of realization and
    understanding which is unique to each of us so I can only relay my
    own experiences as they pertain to me. One thing I now understand
    is that our brain “interprets ” reality according to its experiences whether they
    are rooted in reality or not. The more those experiences were a result of actions from
    highly unaware care-givers as was my case, (plus a good deal of genetic information as well) then the more I was disconnected from my life stream, or wholeness/totality of life itself.

    My life has changed dramatically in the past five months. I am still
    in the process of releasing emotional accumulation and still have some
    mind momentum at times but I’m a far cry from being totally “possessed”
    and at the whim of my mind which was highly imbalanced and quite frankly
    dangerous to my well being. I don’t know how long it will take
    for my emotional accumulation to empty, it’s been seven months
    of release, and I still go through extreme release where I feel intense
    pressure in my brain, almost like there’s a high pressure air hose connected
    to the base of my brain. When I have an intense release, this pressure
    expands quite intensely, like someone opening the “air valve” and my head is
    filled with pressure. This is the most accurate way I can describe the sensation
    of energy release.
    My old external reality which was a reflection of my inner turmoil
    is changing. My old career is gone, some of my friends which were part
    of my old reality have gone, I am in the midst of a career change. I have yet
    to know what to do next. Yes there is fear, yes there is uncertainty, yes there
    is some guilt (for putting my parents through this). I acknowledge all these feelings,
    I don’t resist them, I am not afraid, I allow them totally , but I don’t “focus”
    on these thoughts, I allow my attention to remain un-contracted. Ideas about
    what to do come and go, if they go its because they aren’t congruent with
    my nature. Yes it’s painstaking, but I’m learning to trust life. I fully
    realize this type of dramatic life transformation can’t be forced, life will
    show me when I am ready to be shown by life. Ideas come and go but if I decide on a career choice
    which is motivated by fear because of my current “situation” then I won’t
    be acting out of self expression, I would be acting from a position of fear
    which will never be conducive to my natural expression. So, I wait patiently
    and I heal as I’m waiting and my strength expands as I’m waiting and my understanding
    expands as I’m waiting. Life will show me somehow, of that I’m sure. I may be
    economically deprived throughout this process, and down the line possibly to a greater
    extent than I am right now but I accept whatever comes my way. I trust life
    to show me simply because my brain with all it’s limited conditioned/programmed “knowledge”
    it acquired along the way, and in its genetic inheritance, its constant identification
    with fear almost killed me.

    I can’t overstate the importance of Sen’s pointers in his posts. Some
    may resonate, some may not, both are fine. If pointers don’t resonate
    then drop them but more often than not you’ll find that pointers which
    don’t resonate at specific points during your journey WILL make sense once
    understanding, growth and clarity come to you.

    I don’t know where my journey will lead, but I know exactly where
    I was and how far I’ve come.

    My growth continues, all the best to you Sen, my friend, may you
    continue to be light and healing to all who you may cross and to those
    who may come across your writings.

  16. mira

    hello sen your article is impressive , may be the medical terms were a little bet complicated for me but i appreciate every word of it, in one of the comments you talked about the minute you can leave a relationship smoothelly without even pitterness and i want to say this absolutely happened with me after a 3 years struggling in drama and pain cycles finally after working on my self for two years i was able to get free from this cycle and now iam creating new patterns new brain cells and new reality for my self and my whole life….

    now my question for you i have started my new business and with the help of think and grow rich i put targets numbers and the amount of success i want to reach , just yesterday after a training i got to the idea of reprogramming my subconscious mind to get me to the success i want but how i get to do that in a full value
    and how i can get the full potential of my energy using the sexual energy in creating passion to my wealth achieving in the same time i will not give up my romance life , my only concern is that i am changing very fast now and that man i am attracted to today i could tomorrow forget and that puts me on unstable position i don’t recommend for me in this stage for i need the full back up system to my ultimate success