Conor McGregor Is The Perfect Law Of Attraction Success Story – 14 Inspirational Quotes


You all know who Conor McGregor is – the greatest Irish mixed martial arts fighter to have ever lived. But have you heard his inspirational story?

The UFC featherweight champion – known as “The Notorious” or “Mystic Mac” – had a modest upbringing in Crumlin, Ireland. He started kickboxing as a hobby at 12 years old, but was not considered to be remarkably talented or strong.

The legend attributes his current-day success and ability to turn himself into a multi-millionaire powerhouse to none other than the Law of Attraction.

His Law of Attraction journey began when his sister Erin introduced him to the book The Secret. He began with manifesting parking spaces (sound familiar?).

McGregor went on to visualize his perfect future, his perfect outcome and perfect life even in times of struggle. As recently as 2013, McGregor didn’t even have a car. Now, he boasts the title of Champion. He has manifested every desire he’s talked about. Every goal has come to fruition.

Conor has spoken about the Law of Attraction in countless interviews, from the beginning – when people were still laughing at his dreams. Don’t let other people’s doubts and insecurities ruin yourdreams.

Here are 14 McGregor quotes to inspire you to take your own destiny into your hands. It is all up to you. No one else can determine the outcome of your life.

This is how he went “from nothing, to something, to everything.” Read this, internalize it, then figure out what mental habits are holding you back.

*I’ve added notes to some quotes (anything not in quotations is my own edit).

“At the end of the day, you’ve got to feel some way. So why not feel unbeatable? Why not feel untouchable? Why not feel like the best to ever do it?” – Conor McGregor

LAS VEGAS, NV – AUGUST 25: UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor poses on the scale during his official weigh-in at T-Mobile Arena on August 25, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Conor McGregor: How I Used The Law of Attraction to Visualize my Success into Reality