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turbanI am a turban lover.

I became a turban lover after my first set of teacher training classes.

On the Sunday of my training I did all of my practices with a white scarf tied around my head, and I was shocked at the difference in my practice. I was curious about experimenting with the turban because of what was spoken about in our class on the Saturday.

Guru Raj Kaur explained to us that she doesn’t wear her turban because she is Sikh. She wears a turban because she’s a kundalini yogini.

The turban is actually an energetic practice. The turban when is tied properly on the head connects the arcline of the person strengthening it and acting as a container of the energy that is being raised in their practice.

The arcline is a meridian that runs from earlobe to earlobe and gives you the ability to focus, concentrate and also facilitates your radiance. It connects and balances your connection between the Universe and Physical realms. When its not strong you will find yourself easily influenced and overprotective.

When we practice kundalini yoga with a turban on what happens is the energy that we are inviting and pushing up from the base of our spine through our crown chakra gets captured and contained. It creates a strong arcline. Its not just going through our crown and being dispersed everywhere.

It is said that the skull contains 26 bones. When we wear a turban we are massaging and relaxing the skull, allowing the bones in our cranium to remain free to move instead of hardening in place. The bones in our cranium are meant to move; as we grow up they become locked in place and the pineal gland begins to calcify which has a direct relationship to how old our body is. Each of the 26 bones in our skull controls the entire nervous system of our brain.

There are many practices that I’ve come across this summer that work on creating movement in the bones around the skull. The more that they move, the less the pineal gland becomes calcified, and the longer life we live. The turban helps to keep these bones moving and in harmony with each other especially as we work with the energy system.

I decided to experiment. And I fell in love.

microcosmic-orbitThe turban totally contained the energy shifting in my practice. I had been experiencing for a few months at the time of trying a turban on what felt to be leaky energy, especially in my yoga and meditation practices. As soon as I did the practice with the turban the flow energy changed. It didn’t feel like it was leaking. It felt like it was flowing in the micro-cosmic orbit of my field instead.

And I felt much more high. I felt much more positively affected by the meditation and practice, like it had a stronger influence on me.

I highly recommend that you give it a try. For me, it is now what I wear whenever I do my practice.

It doesn’t have to be a turban either. I’m saving up to purchase 7 yards of fabric for a true turban so right now I wear a white head covering. My first experience was with a purple scarf. The key of whatever head covering you choose to use is that it covers the crown of your head and extends across your arcline for best results.

The turban is also closely related to the hair. It’s recommended that the hair gets put up into a pony tail and coiled on the crown chakra as the hair is one hundred percent protein and acts as energy sensors for our electromagnetic field. When its coiled on the crown it helps to keep the energy “in”. It helps raise the kundalini.

The hair has been revered in many societies due to the way it effects the intuition and our connection with the Universe around us. There is a study that Native Americans who kept their hair long were better trackers and much more intuitive until enlisted in the army and forced to cut their hair. There is the story where Samson lost all of his strength when Delilah cut his hair.

I have half a head of hair (one side is shaved and one side is past my shoulders) so I typically will put up the half of hair and put it in a bun since I don’t have enough hair to coil.

What are your experiences with a turban? Have you noticed a shift covering your head verses not in your practice? How about noticing a difference in a hair cut and your intuition?

How to Tie A Turban
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