Veganism And Karma

One of the many advantages of adopting a vegan lifestyle is that it can help you to take care of your karma.

For the spiritual person, ensuring that our karma is clear is one of those things that is central to our life.


Most often we do this by ensuring that we act in a kind, conscientious and loving way towards all people.

But it’s not just people that we should be treating well.

What Is Karma?

Karma entered in to popular culture during the 20th century as part of the new spiritual movements that sprung up after the second world war.

It can be summed up quite well:

“You reap what you sow.”


It isn’t quite as simple as that, though.

When we act with love, kindness and graciousness – or any of the other positive attitudes – we put out into the world the high-frequency vibrational energies that feed the world with positivity and love.

And the world returns those energies to us.

The opposite is also true. Putting out low-frequency energies like those from fear, anger and hatred will reap only those things in return.

The law of Karma says that all of these energies must remain in balance, that karmic debt and credit is always paid.


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Veganism Clears Karma

When we eat meat, we indirectly inflict suffering on animals.

Of course, we don’t mean to. We don’t do it through fear, or hatred, or anger. We do it through greed and ignorance.

Greed and ignorance that will be returned to us, in this life or the next.

But moving to a vegan diet is an act of self-sacrifice if done for moral reasons.

Acts of self-sacrifice are very powerful as it is a manifested recognition of the oneness of all things, a purposeful denial of the ego.

Even if done purely for reasons of personal preference, the suffering that we no longer contribute to is ever so slightly lessened.

This is a positive move, an act that improves a lot of living beings, and is a kindness that the law of Karma will repay.


Of course, there is more we can do as vegans to improve our Karma.

We can try to educate others on the suffering they cause to animals by eating meat and using other animal products. Done with humility and kindness, our attempts to lessen the suffering will be rewarded.

But more importantly, we might change a mind or two.

And if we can change the mind of just one person, make them think twice about eating meat and being a part of the problem, we will lessen the total suffering on this planet and change the world for good – even if it’s only in our own, small way.


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For every effort we make for good, for every positive thought and action, for all the love, kindness and graciousness we express we will be owed a karmic debt.

Article written by spiritualunite. Please link back to the original article when sharing. Namaste.