The Potential Of You – Karma Yoga Daily

By Scott Mangold,

Glowing radiance, peaceful and present or magnetic. All great adjectives of the potential of what we wistfully dream to be!

Living here and now though, can seem like endless cycles of searching for fulfillment. We may feel stuck in our jobs, bills, pain or some other part of our story that seems to hold us where we are.

Moving into a higher version of ourselves seems like such a great idea, but…

  • I have this “______” going on.
  • My spouse is just so dark, I can’t really afford food this month,
  • my kid is so rebellious,
  • my sister has cancer,
  • I’m frustrated at Johnny
  • and I really don’t know how to be happier…

We have tried countless things to move forward from whatever situation we are in. Sometimes we try the same thing over and over as the situations we are in change, either slightly or dramatically. We hope for new results from those methods that have only seemed to subdue or hide our general feeling of barely content. There must be a better way.

Is all of the lack, reactions, pain or fulfillment in the above or other stories, simply our spirits way of prepping us for growth? Priming us as our soul-selves wait for the opportunity to become ever higher versions of ourselves? We simply need to choose, in whatever moments we are able the higher vibrational choice. A kind deed, a hug, maybe some encouraging or non-judgmental words can be steps towards that. They all are higher vibration than all the stuff that serves to have us wallow down in density.

Beyond these first steps towards our joy potential, must be a desire to be proactive at getting there. We need the initiative with a glimpse at what the goal may be. Working with sound, or the conscious breath-work I teach can work at the root cause of what has acted as a dense anchor to a large portion of life. Using these or other techniques we begin to be aware of the pieces that bog us down, pieces likely outside of our perception of what we can grasp from where we are/were. Yet taking the first step to grow and realize who and what we are initiates us to a path that spirals to ever growing awareness.

Vibrationally lifting ourselves beyond the dense paradigm our world seems to be in. We create our potential, we create the world around us based on what we are resonating with, be it in denseness of the current culture or a growing joy in a new culture we create within and so without and around us. It is a physical and spiritual law that a high vibration raises a lower one, lifting anything or all things from denseness to our higher true vibration of the joy we are.

This is the new reality available here and now, the 5th dimension if you will . A place we transmute into, largely from consciously choosing to move into our authentic self that has always been in this dimension of joy!

About the author: Scott Mangold is a student and teacher of spiritual growth and awareness. In alignment with his mission of transmuting pain and lack into joy he teaches and facilities conscious breath-work. Training over several years with Transformational Breath®, he can be reached at