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2019 is here and everyone’s hopeful for the new year. The new beginnings give us new hopes and new dreams. Predicting what the new year has in store for you, we’ve compiled a list of how the year’s going to treat you in terms of relationship, love, career, health and finances. 

Read on to find out:

The key difference for you in matters of the heart in 2019, Aquarius, is that, whether you’re single or attached, for the first time in a long time you’re genuinely interested in connecting with a partner. This is huge for you because your typical path is to remain detached and more of a citizen of the world than a partner in the relationship. So let yourself loose.

This year, matters of career for you will be excellent. You exactly know the right steps to take. Your seniors will appreciate your hard work and creative ideas. But don’t let the appreciation get to your head. Hard work is the key here. It is going to take you places. 

You are advised to keep a check on your expenses in accordance with your 2019 Aquarius Finance Horoscope. Spend money but with due care and caution. Avoid expenses which are not required or are unnecessary. n the latter part of the year, you will get success in increasing your sources of income.

Your health would be in good condition throughout the year. Although you might get affected by seasonal problems like cold, cough and occasional fever, your health would be excellent. Take caution while having food when you travel.

Be more practical towards your ventures or projects. On the career front, expansion and growth are the two things predicted for you in the career front. A sort of clarity would be achieved in your path as the year advances. Get rid of unwanted hesitations and forge ahead in style.

Financial challenges are expected to come your way in 2019 and looking at your expenses should be your top most priority. Think twice before taking risks. You may earn handsomely but your expenses are expected to increase with a rise in your income.

This year may turn dull as far as health is concerned. You need to keep a tab on your health to lead a healthy year. You may practice yoga, do exercise, gymnasium, and running to stay healthy and fit.

Everything seems favorable in love matters in 2019. It may start on the rough note but with the span of time, the misunderstanding and problems will go away opening up doors of love for you. You may plan to take your love relation to the next step and consider a love marriage around mid-2019.

Your zeal to work with full energy is going to give your career a great jump. You will not be afraid to take any risks. If planning to start a new work, then the period before June 2019 looks favorable. Stress may prevail on the work front if you are in a job but you are more than that. 

Stability in financial matters is on the cards in 2019. You will be doing something fruitful and meaningful that you might start at the start of the year itself. You will come across some new avenues for financial investments, although there would be great earning potential, you must still be cautious as your hard earned money is at stake.

Your energy levels will be high throughout the year. While 2019 is a good year healthwise, you might have to look for minor skin or neurological ailment that can keep you stressed and you should have it checked without fail.

You will look at love with an idea of commitment this year. Moreover, your idea of love will go through a change this year. Sounds exciting!

We know you have these grand ideas of work but this year will ground you. Your work ethic will become better and the end of this year will bring you rewards of the work that you throughout the year.

You might see some financial benefit in the beginning of the year. This year is also a good time for you to make an investment, even if it is a small one. There’s growth in your financial status.

Taurus, it’s time to take care of your health this year. Your mental health also might suffer and hence, it is important that you meditate for a bit each day.

If you’re in love with someone, this is the right year to confess! Also, if you’re already with the love of your life, this year will bring you two even closer.

You will have to make some very important decisions about your career which will affect it drastically. Hence, make sure you keep your head clear and take time to decide between choosing the opportunities coming your way.

You might face losses or get lower returns than what you expect but Gemini, take this in your stride and you will earn that money back in no time.

Gemini, this year might bring health issues related to the stomach and knees but if you manage to take care of it all, these won’t be a long-term issue.

You might face some turbulence in terms of your love life, whether you’re single or committed. However, the end of this year will see all these troubles resolving themselves!

You’ve been having a stressful time at work but this year will see that change as you will get rewarded for all the hard work. Those of you who are planning on starting their own venture will see success as well.

Be it a good increment or a profit in your own business, 2019 will see your bank balance getting heavier.

While your physical health looks good, it is your mental health you need to concentrate on. Don’t worry so much. Leave behind the stress to avoid mental tension.


Bringing in the JOMO here again. Ditch it if you want things to happen. Your social circle could be a good place to look for a match. Love could come knocking on January 22.

Whether you’re an aspiring writer hoping to finally write that book or an entrepreneur hoping to start your business, 2019 is the year you can make it happen because Jupiter, the planet of fortune, is going to chill in your fifth house of pleasure. Like every year and the year before that, take everything in stride dear Leo and work that ass off. Pay day will come soon. Meanwhile, the year kicks off with an eclipse in January, which means there’s a job in the offing. If a job change is on your mind, circle May 15 on the calendar because that’s when it could happen. 

Leos are pretty hard working and if you keep going, there’s plenty of scope to increase money flow in 2019. This year could bring you fortune. Track your expenses and try to invest in property, and your money will grow. 

Leos struggle with digestive issues. Be especially careful in the months of May and July. If your natal chart has planets in Cancer, more digestive problems could crop up. If your planets are in Virgo, bronchial problems could arise between mid-August and September.


Don’t believe everything you think about your partner because not all of it is true. And please, for the love of all that is on earth, let people make their own mistakes. That’s one way to show your caring side and remind others of your generous nature. It doesn’t mean you have to be mean to anyone either, especially not your partner. There could be major change coming when it comes to your love life, so a little heads up for January 5/6, the time of the solar eclipse.

Your ruling planet Mercury decides which way your career goes. Mercury will be in retrograde this year between March 2 and 28, July 7 and 31 and October 31 and November 20. Use this time to take one step back and review your situation. This is also the perfect time to fish for new opportunities with the help of old friends and colleagues. Revisit any opportunities you may have missed and can now attempt again. Saturn will help you there.

A new financial partnership could bear fruit and help you get ahead. As long as you read the fine print and double check contracts, you’ll be fine.

Jupiter is in the house, which means a healthier you. A possible increase in weight is indicated if you give in to partying and other pleasures of life. Watch what you’re eating and get on a healthy diet because Jupiter won’t say no to a party.

Uranus means change, and Uranus stepping in to your eight house of sex means lots of change. Lots of sex and greater stability in relationships are in the offing. Mars will be your guiding star when it comes to love, and whether you’re single or not, you’ll find direction.

Pluto is in your fourth house of home. And home and family should propel you to create and focus on better financial goals for greater financial stability. You, dear Libran, have always been wise about spending money, and in 2019, you’ll continue to find ways to invest wisely. You’ll have plenty of opportunity throughout the year to reassess your goals and prioritise because in the end it’s not about work, but life.

Like we said earlier, communication is your strong point. And it is communication that’ll help the influx of money in 2019. Writers, teachers and those in advertising should make the most of their communication skills. A challenging year for those looking for new jobs but the challenges won’t last long. There are plenty of new job opportunities coming your way towards the later half of the year. Take care of your money between May and June.

May and August could have you feeling a little down, health wise. Keep things in balance, take care of your diet and may be focus on a little yoga, and 2019 could be your healthiest year.

2019 is the beginning of a whole new dynamic when it comes to relationships. With Uranus moving into the partnership sector, you’re likely to experience a huge change in the way you’ve been approaching your relationships so far. You’re likely to be more creative, more assertive and would want  to have your personal space. All in all, this new year can be a life-changer for you. 

2019 seems to be a great year for the Scorpions in terms of career. The stars predict that the concurrence of Sun-Mercury & Venus-Jupiter is going to yield positive results for you right from the beginning of the year.   

With Jupiter moving into your income sector, this year will offer you an abundance of opportunities to prove your talent. All your financial problems will be solved this year. But, beware of risky financial ventures and seemingly lucrative opportunities of investment as they might end up harming your finances. 

The time between 21st June to 1st July is going to be particularly tricky for the Scorpions. You may feel  indecisive and lack of clarity and while making decisions. It’s also predicted that restlessness and anxiety may take you over during this time which may affect your health. So you must be mindful about your health and eating habits. 

Your love life has significantly improved in the past year and the trend is going to continue this year as well. Though you may not feel that excited about settling down.

Jupiter’s transit is likely to influence you spiritually. You might feel yourself inclined towards religion and spirituality and might also visit a holy place this year. Your relationship with your family may not be the smoothest this year. In this situation, it’s best to stay composed and be patient while dealing with issues.  

This is a great year for your career as you’ll be sorting out the opportunities aggressively and will give your best to make the most out of it. This is also the year where you might want to prefer status and prestige over money. But this in no way will curb your ambition of achieving more. It’s going to be a good run for you in your workplace where your hard work will be rewarded with promotions and appraisals. 

Monetarily, 2019 is going to be a beneficial year for the Sagittarius. You’ll achieve financial stability. Luck is on your side this year that’ll make things pretty easy and effortless for you. 

This is going to be an extremely important year for your mental, intellectual, emotional and physical well being. You’ll feel content with your life and will care more about your health. The only thing you need to take care of that is not exert yourself and push your physical limits.

If you’ve been thinking of settling down in your relationship, 2019 is the best year to do it. With Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorns, occupying the 7th house, love and romance are going to be steady. Instead of just waiting for the things to fall in place on their own, you’ll take charge of your life and take an initiative in finding the right person for yourself. You’re also going to have a great social life, 

Uranus moves from Aquarius into Pisces every seven years and this is going to bring a huge change in your career. If you’re looking for a job change, this might be the right time. A word of caution- keep yourself prepared for the difficult situations.

The second half of the year is going to be particularly fruitful for you in terms of financial gains. You may also receive benefits from unexpected sources. But you must always be careful about how to invest.

It’s going to be an average year, healthwise. With mercury being your health planet, you might suffer from illnesses related to nervous system. It’s advisable to take care of your health and work towards improving your immunity.