Hatha Yoga advice to prevent spring allergies

Hatha Yoga advice to prevent spring allergies and infections

Change is the only constant, and now we are ready for the next big change from the freezing winter to entering into spring. It’s one of the most destabilizing forces we have to contend with in our lives.

While we look forward to the sunshine and warmth of spring, it brings many allergies and flu also.

“In Australia, pollen and dust carried by spring northerly winds that whip them up, act as an irritant to eyes, noses, and lungs, especially, but not only, in those with allergies. The moist air associated with seasonal thunderstorm can also concentrate and break up pollen and pollution into smaller particles, which are more easily, inhaled deep into the lungs and trigger asthma attacks. Warm and moist conditions also promote the release of fungal spores, which can set off allergies in some people.’’


How can Hatha Yoga help?

The breathing and purification methods (pranayama & Kriyas) in Yoga are very helpful practices to prevent from the allergies and flues.

Among all the methods Jala Neti and Kapalbhati are the most effective practices.

Jala Neti-

Jala Neti has been practiced as part of Hatha Yoga for centuries. Jala means water and Neti mean piercing/cleaning.

Jala Neti is now advocated by many doctors and ENT specialists as a safe and effective treatment for a wide range of nasal and sinus problems.

There is a growing body of scientific research into the practice, including this excellent article entitled ‘The Safety and Efficacy of Nasal Saline Irrigation’.

The article goes into a great deal of detail, backed up by a number of studies.

The full article, by Diane G. Heatley, M.D., Associate Professor, Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine can be found here  :

How to practice Jala Neti-

Step 1- Get a copper Jala Neti pot.

Step 2-take Luke warm saline water in the pot. Keep the nasal close to one nostril, open the mouth and breathe through your mouth. Let the water pass from another nostril.

Step 3-Repeat from the other side.

Step 4- Exhale out many times to clean the water from the nasal passages. Remember there should not be any water left inside the respiratory tract.

**You can practice Jala Neti once in a week as a preventive method and every day to cure any allergies.

**Note-Best to learn under the supervision of an expert before you try yourself.


Kapal means skull and Bhati mean shine.

-Sit comfortably on the chair or on the floor with a straight spine and closed eyes.

-Exhale forcefully while inhalations are passive.

-Repeat 2-3 minutes.

-Do not open the eyes immediately.

-Practice everyday early morning empty stomach.

Please take care of these practices. It is also important to note that not all of these practices will be suitable for everyone. If you experience any discomfort with these exercises, please STOP immediately.

Namaste !

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