Then again people choose Yoga over Gurdjieff….


While exchanging posts with an enigmatic and very well read Zero Hedgian, going by the Handle Gully Foyle, he said this:

Then again people choose Yoga over Gurdjieff….

Really got me thinking.

What is all this choice con-fronting us for? Con-front is “with” front. In your face. And why is it such a mantra, a must have, a right, by god, give me choice….

Yoga over Gurdjieff  is a topic for a book. Especially if you have read his master tome and other books. Beelzbub’s Tales to his grandson. A must read. A mind-twisting attempt at “perfect” literature, perfectively objective that is. Possibly the best I’ve read, and I’ve read a lot.

So choice. Talked about it before, Choice = Cognitive Dissonance.

Choice enables the splitting of our personae. What a great argument for simplicity. The less you have, the less you know you need. That is the virtuous cycle inverse of the current mantra….the more you have, the more you need to have.

Look where they end up….. Spare and alive vs. bloated and barely so.

The line that brought me here is multi-contextual for me, so please  forgive the meandering.

Yoga is the most completely mis-understood exercise form of this time. Why? First, occam’s razor and Cui bono…. who wants you to be healthy? Does a healthy person benefit the Pharmaco-government complex?

The dominant trend-setters of this version of Mother Culture’s dystopia are all life-negative archetypes. The sportsperson, the actor, the politician, the banker, the industrialist. And they all espouse Yoga. Big red flag.

You see, the rub and the nub and the hub of the issue is that Yoga was never about exercise. Yoga was/is all about self-restraint. Fractal self restraint. The focus on strength inverts the very foundation of Yoga, physical Yoga that is.

It was always meant to be a way in, not a builder of muscles or fine physiques.

Also, the topic of my short exchange with Gully was about Science fiction becoming science fact.

If I look at the world around me today, the Solution Set that leaps out at me would have all of the terminology and naming from Dune, the mind-bending work of Frank Herbert.

Also, so much happening since the Stairwell Sigtar dot joining exercise of a week or so ago.

The bird and fish deaths continued unabated, though were neatly kept off the mainstream press after a brief ratings surge. Un-abated. Please goole the phrase and check. Massive fish kill off Maryland, 2 million (how do they count two million fish? makes me suspicious of their counting methodology).

And a twin cyclone system bears down on flood ravaged queensland. I hope the significance of Queen’s Land being flooded is obvious. What does it foretell for London?

And what of those poor Queenslanders, all prepared for Centuries of Global Warming induced droughts, now caught in flooding of biblical proportions. Australia rapes it’s land on a massive scale, especially in the resource rich Queensland State (Coal is the big one, also wheat)…. we are going to learn, faster and faster what the payback for 4 centuries of scorched earth capitalism will look like. May I suggest that it is going to be a little harsh?

Egypt is afire. Or so main stream and alternative media will have us believe. Live pictures tell no lies. The people are furious. But mis-directed anger, righteous especially, is such a huge waste of human energy. And no one knows what the game is, for this North African/Middle East Crisis is engineered. Food shortages soon to add to the tinder-box. Israel, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Saudi Arabia….

And flooding in Saudi Arabia? Hmmmmm……

And in the interesting parallism, fractalism that is life, I’m reading a book called Inhuman Architecture by Hugo Kukelhaus.

Brilliant work, making a strong case for why these buildings of hard lines, bland surfaces and poor ventilation and lighting, robbing us of everything we need, to grow… have been harsh prisons for our nurturing, not wombs, but prisons.

He said >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


So true and yet we consume out of convenience and consumptive compulsion……think about how closely food is tied to culture and then look at the focus on food in today’s times (form over function, in food…truly a bizarre world) and how much we all over-eat.

What drives us to this un-natural state of dis-ease. Look around. We are soft and round while our manufactured world is hard and straight.

And since we cannot be hard and straight on the outside, try as we might, we become hard and stiff on the inside. Unbending minds in yoga-flexible bodies.

Such a paradox and such a sign of these times.


For today’s visual shocker… Chinese Oil Inferno…

For the rest, please see:  Chinese Oil Inferno Pictures on

And then, the Ship on which I’d done my training in the Indian Navy, INS Vindhyagiri, hit a merchant vessel in Mumbai Harbour and is sitting on the bottom, listing, aflame.

Thanks for reading, definitely strange days…..

By the way, I’ve discovered that it’s perfectly okay to be serious.