Papaji & Verse 1 of DaoDeJing – PriorToConsciousness 不生不灭

From – The Truth Is ~ Papaji

Yet there is a sacred secret beyond even this. This sacred secret must be asked for in secret and followed sacredly.

Constantly go to the Source. Don’t even land in the Source, but forever go deeper. Still beyond It Is.

You have to take the last half step from Peace-Awareness-Bliss into the Mystery beyond the mind.

Do you still progress in this final stage of evolution where you are now?

This is a very good question. Many people will say that this is the final stage and that everything is finished with no more progress or evolution to experience. This is what everybody will say. I still have something more to do in this direction which is not mentioned in any book. There is no end to understanding. As long as there is very pure intention there is still something to be done after complete and final Realization.

That I don’t speak of and I have never spoken. It is not mentioned in any book. Those who know it cannot express it because it is beyond intellectual grasp. I want to tell what it is.

It is a sacred secret, as Krishna says to Arjuna, “The Knowledge I give you is sacred Knowledge, it is not to be retold to anyone.” I know a Mystery so rare and sacred and secret. It has no oral description, but yet I will “tell” it to some people that I like.

There are some people in the West. I am not hiding this, it is just that I cannot speak it. Perhaps the time will come when I speak. It is very subtle and can only be understood by the supreme intellect. Even if I did speak it nobody would understand. It is not what is transmitted by look, touch or word. It is something beyond that.

Could you speak something of the Mystery?

If I could speak of the Mystery how could it be a Mystery? It could be a history. You can speak about history, not about the Mystery. Nobody knows what this Wisdom is. Those who go there never return.

It seems like self and Being rise from Mystery. Everything arises from the Mystery so you are not describing Mystery, but the Self.

Everything that can be seen and felt has for its origin Mystery. Mystery cannot be seen.

Mystery is beyond Self?


Is creation arising due to Self exploring the Mystery within Self?

There is no inside or outside for the Mystery. Inside and outside arises from thought.

Where does this thought arise from?

Go toward where the thought rises from, this is a mysterious place where no one has touched and where no one can speak about. Even gods and existence comes from the Mystery. Nobody knows that the Mystery is behind creation and the creator. Maybe it is only a mystery that we even see a creation and it may not even be there at all because it is mysterious.

Just as you dream you see so many things like rivers and forests, men, animals and birds, but when you wake up nothing is there, nor was it ever. So it was a mystery that in your short nap you see so many things. Then you wake up and nothing is there.

When you wake up you realize that nothing has ever existed.

To see the Mystery you must wake up from the sleep of forms and names. If you don’t see any forms or names then that is not describable.

DaoDeJing Verse 1

Sentence 1: 道可道,非常道。名可名,非常名。

The arbitrarily named Dao (see verse 25) is already perfectly so even before language-ing about it. It is the human dilemma to language and label, in other words to think or to thing, which is the same. This turns out to be a blessed curse, so to speak. (Notice that language-ing is happening now) So the human talks about the unspeakable Dao and names the unname-able, quite helplessly身不由己;that’s the human condition.

Sentence 2: 无,名天地之始。有,名万物之母。

The label – 无, nothingness or no-thingness, names into existence root duality of heaven & earth. The label – 有,somethingness names and births into existence ten thousand things (namarupa).

Sentence 3: 故常无,欲以观其秒。故常有,欲以观其缴。

When attention abides in nothingness, the original unbound mystery is perceived. When attention abides in somethingness, then only demarcated mystery is perceived. In other words the original complete wholeness is dropped from view.

Sentence 4: 此两者,同出而异名,同谓之玄。

This YinYang couple arise mutually yet are given different names. Seen together they secretly point to the original mystery prior to labeling.

Sentence 5:玄之又玄,众妙之门。

Outwardly layers of relative mysteries pile upon one another. And yet it is also the door/key/pointer inwardly back to the original mysterious perfection.