How Guided Meditation works and creates noise in your mind which is bad for you?

Guided meditation can be a good thing at the same time there is a down side. In this article, we will explore those and see how guided meditation can be productive for your self growth, and when it is a good time to move on. And go on your own path. Let’s take a simple example of learning to walk.

Do you remember how you learned to walk? Well, not really I don’t either. how guided meditation works link

But you and I have seen how a little child learns to walk. The baby crawls first, then they try to stand-up and they fall down so many times in the process.

The good thing: they don’t give up, and eventually they learn to walk. That’s how you and I learned to walk as well. But adults help them as well like holding their hands or gifting them a walker.

So guided meditation is similar it is kind of someone holding your hands or someone gifting you a walker. But you need to remember it’s only temporary. Once guided meditation walks you through the first few days, and it gives you a certain direction you should not use it any more. Why?

Remove the Noise

Guided meditation has noise in it (sound, voice, music etc.) – this is not helpful in settling your mind. Most guided meditation in YouTube is noise.

Don’t get me wrong – you may like them, and I have no problems with that but it can only help you to a certain degree – nothing more than that if you are interested in experiencing the truth (not just knowing it – there is a difference between the two).

But if you’re like most people you would love to do what everyone else is doing, and follow them blindly like a sheep, good luck with that!

But if you want to do what great teachers like Buddha or Yogis do, please continue reading. That’s what I do and I strive every single day in that path.

Let me share with you my story

I learned meditation in India more than thirty years ago and the concept of guided meditation does not exist there. Yes I have met some of the renowned yogis, gurus or teachers in India – only thing which everyone said to me ‘sit quiet long enough’ you’ll find what you’re looking for. After almost 35 years of meditating I know from within it is true!

The concept of guided meditation comes from hypnotherapy. I am not saying it is bad or anything like that but what I am trying to tell you: it is not meditation in real sense. It will not quieten your mind completely.

Yes, it will provide you some relaxation for a while no doubt about that. But that’s the same thing as crawling while learning to walk.

Ask yourself: do you want to crawl all your life?

If you truly want to move forward and want to walk then you have to leave that and start to sit quiet in meditation, which I will teach you in my program and you can learn for free in one week. Use the link in this page to find out more or join above instantly.

Meditation will bring you huge benefits – I don’t know where to even start – but I can tell you few things from my own experience and more than thirty years of meditating and this list is tip of an ice-berg:

Join my free program and I will show you how?

My teachings are not for the faint hearted or for people who are not seeking the truth – Deb Chowdhury.

Meditation is about letting your mind settle down by sitting quiet, nothing else. If someone says anything else they are ignorant or they are lying to you (without knowing what they are talking about).

Interestingly, like you and me Buddha did not have a headphone when he went to the forest nether do the Yogis do. Rather they find a calm and tranquil place and sit quiet, observe their mind, their breath and maybe use a mantra. Why?

Because they do not want noise they want to experience peace. When they reach an advanced stage they don’t even use a mantra because that becomes a noise at that time. Hope you get my point!

When we learned meditation, we were asked to sit quiet, and be quiet for as long as we could minimum was twenty minutes. And we did that even though it was hard to sit quiet for twenty minutes at the beginning and keep our eyes closed.

Things got better with time and practice and the same will happen for you but you have to put in the effort. Don’t expect someone else will do it for you. If you are hungry, you have to eat. There is no short-cut my friend. This is another good article on how crying in meditation releases bottled up stress with no effort.

Take care and see you in the program.