Gautam Buddha University gets decked to welcome Chancellor Yogi Adityanath

Saurabh Kumar

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will be visiting Gautam Buddha University on 3rd July. University is all set for his welcome and last minute preparation are being completed. This will be the first time in the ten year history of the University that the Chancellor will be addressing the new session and three and a half thousand students of the University. There will also be 150 foreign students from 12 different countries that are enrolled in different courses in University.

For welcoming the UP CM, students of GBU will planting three and a half thousand saplings in first campus. There after a 40 minute address will be given by chancellor to university students.

While other universities of the state are headed by Governor of the state and he is the Chancellor, but in GBU state head is designated as the Chancellor. In year 2008 during the inauguration, then Chief Minister Mayawati had visited the campus but did not address the students. Students are very much excited for hearing the speech from their Chancellor for the first time.

University establishment is continuously focusing over making the campus environment friendly. For this a emphasis on promoting cycling in the campus was always there and some efforts regarding this was also taken but the efforts could not be converted into results. After Dr Prabhat Kumar took the charge of VC he turned the project into reality and now university had signed a deal with Hero Company.

As per this deal company will provide 200 cycles that can be used for riding around the campus. All the cycles are specially designed that can be accessed through a app that can be downloaded in the mobile phone. A 30 minute ride will cost 5 rupees that will be automatically deducted from students account after scanning the QR code through mobile app that was labeled over the cycle. For this there are 14 different cycle stand constructed in the campus for where student can use it. As all the cycle are equipped with GPS it will be very use to track location so that it can’t get misplaced. The other unique feature that the cycle carries is that, its tyre will not lose air pressure and it will never get punctured.

Under the agreement, the company will be responsible for the maintenance of bicycles and two employees of the company will be deployed in the university. Ten percent of the profit in the month will be given to the university and this money will be used as a student welfare cell in the university. For now university had received 85 cycles and rest will also be delivered soon.

Chief Minister will reach University through helicopter For this maintenance & checking of the helipad is being done. The main program of student address will be organized in auditorium that was equipped with a seating arrangement of 2200 people. The university is making additional arrangements to accommodate other students. Regarding all this a meeting of the officers was chaired by VC Dr. Prabhat Kumar in the university .

During meeting other senior officers, including District Magistrate BN Singh , Senior Superintendent of Police Dr. Ajay Pal Sharma remained present . Officers were briefed about the program and schedule of Chief Minister. All officers were informed about their work0. Entry for common people will be barred. If rain occurs in that case chopper may not get flying permission so CM will be taking road to reach the campus. So administration has also been instructed to remain prepared for road route as well to avoid any displeasure in the program.