The 6 golden rules to feng shui your terrace this summer

Wellness Challenge: The 6 golden rules to feng shui your terrace this summer


Whether it’s putting your barbeque in the south, having a plant-covered wall to the east or a water feature in the north, there are a multitude of feng shui-inspired ideas to breathe new life into your balcony, terrace, rooftop or any other outdoor spaces. Follow these simple, ancient Chinese rules and bask in the summer sun in complete zen.


  • Terrasse feng shui

    It’s a given that chi, good energy, travels better when there’s no obstacles in the way. Clear any unnecessary clutter, space out your furniture, tidy everything off the floor and throw out those wilted flowers. In short, clean up your space so that it’s welcoming, comfortable and filled with good energy. It’ll be a peaceful haven after a long day.

  • Terrasse feng shui

    Put the barbecue in the south
    So that Yin and Yang can work their best together, each of the five elements, fire, earth, metal, water and wood, need to be placed in each of the nine feng shui zones, in compliance with compass points. The barbecue, representing fire, therefore needs to be in the south. As fire is prosperous and linked with dynamism, putting it in the right place will ensure that your parties are always a hit with your friends.

  • Terrasse feng shui

    Put a water feature in the north

    According to feng shui, a small basin or water fountain, preferably with flowing water, placed in the north will bring prosperity to your terrace. With the sound of running water helping to relax your mind, stressed-out city dwellers should take note.

  • Terrasse feng shui

    Fill it with flowers and plants

    Wood should dominate the south-east and eastern parts of the terrace. A symbol of bounty and health, make use of plant walls, bamboo, wooden furniture and as much nature as possible. When it comes to flowers and colored plants, their scent is beneficial for our wellbeing and will flood your terrace with good energy, particularly when they’re in the right place. All orange, red and violet plants, including lilac and geraniums, should be placed in the south, whereas black and blue flowers like lavender and forget-me-nots go in the north. White colors, like azaleas, belong in the north-western and western parts of the terrace, whereas pink, beige and light yellow tones, like those found in pink delight, are the queens of the north-east and south-west.

  • Terrasse feng shui

    Choose a round table
    The same goes for flower pots, as soft and round lines bring serenity to their surroundings, whereas sharp lines have links to insecurity.

By Marie Bladt, translated by Holly Lambert on

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