How to Choose the Best Office Plants to Increase Your Workplace Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese masters spent time diligently preserving historical records that documented the use of feng shui. These masters studied hundreds of homes to see if there was a formula that, with proper placement, created either success and harmony or distress and struggle for the homeowners and their families. Using methods taught by the great masters, Feng Shui can be used in a business environment and have the same positive outcome as when it is used in a home.

The Bagua Chart

A feng shui bagua chart was created to display how to best use the elements of feng shui. The bagua chart is a rectangular key that is divided into nine sections. By standing in front of the entrance to a building or office suite, and holding up this chart, you can visualize the different portions of the building and what should become the focus in each of those areas.

The Bagua chart and each area mapped out relates to a key aspect of one’s life, as seen below:

(Business Relationships)
(Free of Encumbrances)
(Relax and Meditate)
(Destiny and Personal Path)
(Contribution to Others)
Front Door

By looking at the bagua chart, you can then place symbolic items in the relevant areas to enhance those areas of your life. This can be done in an office building or in your personal office space. If using just one room, break down the chart to reflect different corners of the room you are using to create the feng shui atmosphere.

Why Use Plants?

One of the easiest and most satisfying ways to achieve an environment that has a strong feng shui influence is to place plants in areas of relevance. Using plants has always been an important part of feng shui. Feng shui itself is translated into wind and water. These are both essential parts of life that flow freely and create the life force known as chi. Chi directs good energy throughout a space to create harmony. The use of plants thus becomes an important part of creating a feng shui environment.

Tips for Placing Plants in the Workplace

Recommended Plants for Feng Shui

Aside from the plants mentioned above, most healthy plants are good to use as they provide positive energy and clean the air. Some plants are more beneficial than others because of additional characteristics such as smooth round leaves or bamboo which is considered the best plant of all.

Using a combination of the above methods will improve office productivity, wealth, focus, motivation and organization. Feng shui can also help minimize distractions, reduce stress and get rid of negative energy.

Shane Pliska is president of Planterra, a nationally-known interior landscaping business that provides and maintains office plants for corporate spaces. He also serves as president of Planterra Conservatory, an award-winning botanical garden wedding and event venue in West Bloomfield, Michigan.