Financial Feng Shui Tips for 2018

Feng Shui is more than just an art of being lucky; it is a complex system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (chi), and whose favourable or unfavourable effects are considered when siting and designing buildings.

Although Feng Shui is mainly used to decide placements of items in offices and homes, the system has been used in surprising ways that goes beyond its original purpose. In this article, we will be exploring the interesting Feng Shui tips to maximise wealth.


Yes, there is such as a thing as financial Feng Shui for your wallet. To be fair, it is logical since it is the very place where your money and cards are stored.

One tip to make your wallet a wealth magnet is to keep your wallet free of clutters by removing all unnecessary things like receipts, expired credit cards or junk. This action ensures there is room for new energy to flow and remove any stagnant energy.

The other tip is to choose the right colour for your wallet. Colours like black, brown, green and yellow are the best colour to attract the energy of wealth, while colours blue, red, pink and purple are only suitable to other purposes like improving relationships or driving the wealth energy away.


Some experts emphasized the need to wear the right coloured clothes to attract luck depending on each year.

The lucky colours for the year 2018 are terracotta, light yellow, baige and sandy to match the animal sign of the year: the earth dog. Colours red, orange, purple and pink can be considered as these colours represent fire, the element that produces earth.

The main unlucky colours are blue, white, grey and green as they represent elements that are not in harmony with earth: water and wood. So, this could be the time for you to use some of your cashback cards to go fashion shopping.


Feng Shui, normally associated with placement of furniture in office and homes is now applied in choosing the colour of the car that suit a person’s feng shui. Feng Shui website Feng Shui Beginner devised a way to find the colour for either wealth or family luck by using one’s birth year to calculate find the individual’s kua number.

The kua numbers identify directions to boost different aspects of people’s lives. Although the colour that attracts wealth varies according to each person’s kua numbers, the colours that are frequently connected to wealth are darker like brown, burgundy, purple and dark green. You can find your lucky colour for wealth here.


The good news is pets bring good Feng Shui to your house and provide good chi energy flow via their movements. However, there will be many bad implications if you do not take care of them properly.

One of these implications is financial losses if you neglected your pets as experts stated that a neglected pet will bring bad Feng Shui and misfortune to the house. An example will be that if the water in the aquarium is not regularly clean, the dirty and stagnant water that could lead to financial losses.

Like the previous mention on wallets, one key principle of Feng Shui is the need for room to let the energy flow. As a result, your pet’s waste and clutter, if not dealt with, will result in stagnation and lack of good energy flow. The same can be said if you lock your pets in a cage or do not have enough room in the aquarium for them to move around.


One of these interesting dos and don’ts is the advice to avoid using expired angpow packets. According to some elders, this act of reusing angpow packets is viewed as being disrespectful or lacking the heart to give blessings.

Another advice is to use brand new ringgit notes in your angpow. This act represents a fresh new start and symbolizes the giver being ready to welcome good things in the coming year.

In Conclusion

There are many applications of Feng Shui in different aspects of life, including finance as it turns out. If you’re not a believer in the transformative powers of the chi, then perhaps you’d want some literal advice on getting your finances in order. In that case, you can check out our section on financial tips right here.

But if you’re someone who can’t wait to rearrange your furniture, buy new coloured clothes, and reorganise your wallet, then we hope this article has been useful for you.

We wish all of you a Happy and prosperous Chinese New Year and have fun with your preparations!

While you are trying to maximize your wealth, consider finding a savings account that suits you with our comparison tool. Do you have your own financial feng shui tips that we’ve missed out on? Do share your thoughts, comments, and ideas, in the comments section down below!

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This article is compiled from Feng Shui Beginner, Red Lotus and Know Feng Shui.