Feng Shui says, this plant attracts money like magnet !!

Most of us have heard about the money plant, but there also exist a plant that is said to attract money like a magnet.

Though you need to work hard to earn money, still you may find a tight financial situation in life. There are many Vastu Shastra solutions for this problem, you may have received advice to keep money plant at home. It’s very common to find the plant in every home, but have you heard about “Crassula” plant.

It is also called the Money Tree. Let me tell you about it openly. As per Feng Shui, by just keeping the plant in the house, it starts attracting money in the house. It has mixed color leaves but not weak as other leaves, strong enough, not to get broken. 

Like Money plant, Crassula is also low maintenance plant. Can be watered in 2 to 3 alternate days. It is a shade loving the indoor plant and easily adjustable and kept in almost any part of the house.

Speaking about its properties, this plant attracts money towards our house with its positive energy. The plant should be kept at the entrance of the house.In a few days, the plant will start to show its impact. Peace in the home of every kind will remain intact.

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