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Back in 2016 I was driving on the New Jersey turnpike and my driver was listening to media mogul, Gary V. If you haven’t heard of him he’s this obnoxious New Yorker who boasts about not sleeping, working all the time and outhustling any and all entrepreneurs. He’s an internet and social media genius and has built an empire helping others build their businesses too. I have a love-hate relationship with his mantra, “Hustle all the time, never stop working.”

On one hand I admire that he’s from an immigrant family and he took their family business from a small local presence to a fifty million dollar global empire in just a few short years. On the hand I think it’s dangerous what he teaches because his platform has grown exponentially and new entrepreneurs are salivating at the idea of being a “mogul.” But this is coming from a content Buddhist who requires very little external things, hahah.

So back to the turnpike….. as I listened to Gary go on and on about all the things that most people won’t do and how they are lazy, predicated on human behavior, (FYI – the word “predicated” is by far his favorite word) he went on to share the trends that he’s starting to see in the market. At this point my ears perked up because I was shocked to hear the “on” all the time entrepreneur state that wellness would be the biggest trend over the next twenty years. And not just any wellness, but spiritual wellness and home wellness.

At this point in my career I was well on my way to transitioning out of being a traditional full-service interior design firm and becoming a holistic home healer. In fact, I started making major leaps and bounds in this department when I came out of the Feng Shui closet in 2011. Here I thought I was being revolutionary and in truth I was likely following the wave of where consciousness was going!

What I loved about this particular talk from Gary is he discussed the value of home and caring for your personal energy. This was something I had never heard this mogul talk about, so I knew if HE was talking about it, it was going to be big. Meditation, yoga, and home health were top of his list.

Now fast forward to today. The year is 2019, we are about to hit a tumultuous 2020 year according to many astrologers, and we head into an election year that will be nothing short of chaotic and disappointing, I’m sure. My bread and butter is no longer interior design but Feng Shui, a vast shift from when I jumped in the ring back in 2011. Now more than ever people are trying to regain their footing, drop the stress and anxiety and feel better, but many have still favored personal wellness over environmental wellness rather than combine the two. But the shift is starting to occur!

I am just returning from a regression therapy session from the famous, Alba Weinman who’s office is in Miami. I learned in my session that my purpose in this life is to help people create energetically valuable spaces for their homes to support their wellbeing. For years I’ve been making videos, podcasts and blog posts claiming that people always look to external things to improve their lives but never look at their home as a possible solution. But the shift is occurring. More people are realizing that no matter how many external sessions they have, if you don’t get the energy right at home, nothing else you do matters. Think about it, if you have a reiki session and get beautifully calibrated and then come home to an energetically misaligned home, guess what happens to your energy? You quickly become misaligned too.

But the shift is occurring. I’m starting to see it. Just today I received an email from a company I use called Filter Easy. I have custom made HVAC filters made for my home to clean the air and they announced today they are changing their name to Second Nature. And I had to laugh out loud as I read their new copy for their ad:

It seems that home wellness is catching on! Whoo hoo.So what can you do to start shifting the energy in your own home?

And of course if you want to take it a step further, implement Feng Shui with a floor plan reading! Understanding the energy in your home and how it’s showing up will help you change and shift the circumstances for the better!

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