Your Life, After a Spiritual Awakening

So, you’ve had a spiritual awakening. Now what?

Did life suddenly become easier for you? Is everything you observe in this world now clear? In a way it is, but with that clarity, you now have much angst about the world you are living in. This is because you see everything and everyone for who and what they are and not through a lens of illusion that everyone else is looking through.

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How we get these insights   The italic text within this post is the channeled information from Linda’s spirit guide angels.

You see what people do and why they do it. You see through what’s being said. You have turned off the relentless broadcasting of all types from bombarding you.

But you cannot turn off a spiritual awakening.

What has happened is that your life just added new dimensions that you must learn to balance in this world. You are living in two worlds. You are now having more and more memories of things you forgot when you first came here. The amnesia that you were assigned when you were born isn’t gone, but it is wearing off little by little. The memories you have from your last spiritual life before you got here are seeping through and you are starting to remember – remember you. Once you remember you must learn to balance living in two worlds at the same time; the world you were born into and the world you left to get here.

The first thing you will notice changing is your relationships.

Things you did and said to tolerate being in relationships with disconnected people will change. You may find yourself choosing to be alone. You will gravitate toward new friends who have also undergone a spiritual awakening.

Once you remember your Spirit family, the family you came from, the one where unconditional love and understanding is the norm, you may have trouble trusting or loving the people in this world. It’s because most people only operate in a conditional single world existence. They came here, they were assigned their amnesia, they lost their bliss and creativity by succumbing to parental and societal pressures that told them what to do, how to think, along with a lot of judgment about what they should and should not do.

These beliefs are mindlessly passed down from parent to child, to grandchild, to greatgrandchildren until someone in the lineage breaks the pattern by having a spiritual awakening and sticks out like a sore thumb. They may even be labeled the designated “black sheep” of the family. The odd one. The one who has all those crazy ideas and even sees or speaks to their Spirit family.

The moment of truth resides in the common denominator that will impact all earth-based families and happens the moment they cross over. By default, when they are released from this world and return to their Spirit family, they instantly realize what they missed while they were here.”


  • You have two families that you are part of, your earthly family and your eternal family.
  • Your Spirit family is the one you left behind when you chose to incarnate into this world.
  • Once you got here all excited and convinced you could do anything, you soon found out otherwise.

How It Works:  Once you have a spiritual awakening you begin to feel like a victim of events rather than a willing participant. You are out of sync with everything that is the norm in this world. The inner urge that drives you to be a creator rather than a spectator will flip your present life over. Everything you used to feel in sync with in this world now makes you feel like a victim of it because you awakened and can no longer live in this world the way you used to. This is a consequence of awakening and seeing things for what they are. One of the most disappointing consequences of your awakening will show up in relationships. You will see that they are far too superficial and conditional to be a part of. In this world, many times love is used as a weapon to get something. These are just some of the reasons you would rather be alone because compared to the relationship you have with your Spirit family, people here in this world have a lot to learn about what a real relationship is. ~Linda Deir

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