Massive Healing and Spiritual Awakening in 2018

As you move into the new year, 2018, you may feel a greater emphasis within yourself to heal that which has been lingering on the outer edges of your awareness for some time. No matter what this is, whether it is a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual wounding, it will come to the forefront to be finally acknowledged and transmuted into positive energy, that can be assimilated back into you.

The above graphic displays a very powerful affirmation for healing. I channeled this over the Christmas holiday from my Ancestors and they imparted to me that once this intention is set, healing will come rapidly and in ways you won’t normally expect. This will call for surrender and trust in yourself and in your journey. And of course, you can choose to surrender your fears and doubts about this to your spirit guides and/or Angels. They will help guide you, should you ask for their help, through moving energy blocks and dissolving past cords. It need not be a painful experience, but you have to let it in, in order to let it go.

Please note: Invoking this affirmation will bring about rapid and significant realignment in many areas of your life. You must be ready to face that which has hindered you overall well-being. But it’s worth it. Healing yourself opens you up to realizing your authentic expression. Authenticity yields to real magic.

When you are ready to start the healing process, affirm: “I accept healing on all levels.” Say it as many times as it takes to really feel it throughout. Feel it throughout your whole body and push that intention outwards into your auric field. Then let it go. Don’t give much thought to how this will come about. Surrender and allow it and trust that your guides got your back. This is not going to go how you think it will. And that’s an immensely great thing, because our silly minds analyze too much, often leading to thinking of worst case scenarios – it’s our programming, and we all have it. Surrender without the need to know how, and prepare yourself to be pleasantly surprised.

2018 will also be a year of spiritual advancement

2018 adds up to 11, so it will be an 11 year. 11 is the number of spiritual awakening. This will be a big year for many people in regards to getting in touch with their soul. This will take many forms. The point is, we are realigning our priorities en masse. We are going to expect more from ourselves and from our lives – we will begin to push the barriers of the 5 senses, knowing that we are capable of much more than that – we can perceive and use our intuition to clearly see our past, present and future. The veils have come down, the 3D matrix is deactivated, and now we are building upon a new 5D Earth crystalline grid. So everything is new – we are charting uncharted seas with every living breath and every step we take.

What will you create?

Instant manifestation will pick up speed this year. Watching your thoughts and directing them will become a skill you add to your repertoire, and you will eventually see the necessity of thinking about what you want (positive thinking). The reason why these concepts have been around for some time is because positive thinking has always yielded positive results, it just took a long time for manifestations to take hold in the dense 3rd dimension, which allowed time for doubt or fear to creep in and halt the manifestations. In 2018, manifestations will be instant so it is no longer an option to have doubt, fear, or a negative mindset – that is, not unless you’re looking to have a rough go of it. Many lightworkers have used the 2012-2017 window to practice these concepts in the 4D landscape. Many of us are used to it by now, and it will serve us well in the months to come.

Does it help you to make lists? Write down everything you want in 2018! Get the whole family involved, if you want. It’s fun to dream up your new year. Writing has always helped me formulate my thoughts, intentions and manifestations, and I know it helps many others. Make a commitment to yourself to think good thoughts, want positive outcomes, and above all, shower yourself in unconditional love, be patient with yourself and others. Just like learning a language is easiest if you’re immersed in the country where it is spoken, you will learn the language of love-light very quickly as we go deeper into these divine energies, and you’ll be manifesting your dreams with ease. Trust yourself. Your higher self (which is YOU) knows the way.




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