5 Unmistakable Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

5 Unmistakable Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

What Spiritual Awakening Means

Most people think of a spiritual awakening as diving into the darkness of the mind with the full light of conscious thought. Some think it just means a new way of thinking. Although there are many ways of defining what a spiritual awakening is, one truth is that anyone truly wishing to delve into it should know that it is not an easy thing to do.

It’s hard, and often painful, to confront our own inner emotions and egos. We open ourselves to pain as we face each of our demons head-on. Only in this manner can one let go of any attachments to people or negative emotions.

Five Things You May Experience During A Spiritual Awakening

1. Release The Ego/False Self

Most people don’t realize that the ego is in full charge of our lives. The ego hides who we really are, allowing us to let others (as well as our own self) place labels on us: social status, wealth level, and job titles do not define who we are as spiritual beings. These labels distract us from searching for the potential miracle beings we truly can be.

As you travel the path to enlightenment, you will run across the ego again and again. Each time it with beg for power. Now is the time to starve your ego and feed your soul in order to reach your true self.

It is really a hard step to let go of things that you always took for granted. Be brave: once you strip away the false ego, you can become the spiritual being you strive to be.

2.  Rid Yourself Of Past Wounds

Every journey to enlightenment means cleansing yourself of past pains. It is never easy to open old wounds, but in order to heal you must face the past, and finally accept that it happened, and it is now time to move on. Think of the past as the first chapters in your life story; now it is time to create new, happier, more fulfilling chapters.

Spend time alone meditating about where you were, where you are, and where you wish to go. These will help you connect to your true self.

3. Learn To Forgive

Forgiving those who caused you pain is also a hard thing to do. However, carrying those negative emotions inside just feeds the ego. Your ego will try to fight you as you work to forgive and forget the past. Stay strong. Give yourself permission to thank those who wronged you; for they brought you to the point where you seek to move beyond all pain.

When you remove thoughts of resentment and revenge from your mind, you release the grudge from deep inside your consciousness. This allows positive thoughts to grow.

When your safe world begins to crumble around you, it is only natural to feel more confused, exposed, and isolated from what is near and dear. At the same time you will begin to see the hidden world within your mind, and understand the truth of who you really are. You will feel torn between staying with the familiar, or trying on this new persona.

One nice thing about leaving the past behind is that you don’t have to go back to your old ways of thinking. Give yourself time and soon you will feel like you always belonged in this new world you’ve discovered.

5. Let Go Of Anything That Serves No Purpose

There comes a time when your intuition lets you know that certain people, jobs, relationships, or other parts of your life are just not working out for you. There is no shame in letting go of things and people who no longer serve any purpose of fulfillment in your life. Start by thanking them for the help they gave you on your journey, and just move on without them in your life.

The higher you go towards spiritual awakening, the more of the old you will let go. Soon, you will be seeking out new people and experiences that match your current expectations of life.