Low-Frequency Beings: Sexual Energy Vampires and How to spot them – Awareness Act

When we think of our energy we do not often think of each different kind of energy. We tend to see energy as a whole rather than broken down in the ways that it is.


Sexual energy is one of the most important energies but also one of the easiest to manipulate and absorb. You have to be careful when it comes to who you allow close. There are tons of people who are what we would consider to be quite parasitic in nature. They latch onto us and leech off of our energy. One of the most common energies for them to go after is our sexual energy.

One of the biggest indicators that your sexual energy is being drained from you is that you feel addicted this person or to sex in general. Energy vampires will stop at nothing to feed off of you because they feel as if they need you and your energy whether they realize that is what they are doing or not. They cling to you and since sexual energy is the easiest to obtain they engage with you. They may be someone you feel okay around but once things are said and done you feel as if the life force has been sucked out of you.


The definition of an energy vampire is basically someone who manipulates another and takes from them their life energies. We need the energies we have when someone takes them from us we are left as zombies. You see, to begin with-in life we have a lot of energy and as we grow we cultivate more but when our energies begin fading away our health declines and our wellbeing becomes non-existent. When someone is taking too much of you, you may think that you are doing something wrong but truthfully the only thing you are doing wrong is engaging with the wrong kinds of people.

Letting an energetic vampire too close might literally be the death of you and that is a scary thought. You need to be aware of how to spot them and while spotting one that is after your normal energies is simple, spotting the kind of energy vampires that target sexual energy, in particular, can be a bit tricky. I believe this is because when it comes to these kinds our hearts are far more involved than they should be.

4 Signs You Are Facing A Sexual Energy Vampire:

1. He or she moves far too fast.

This person comes in out of nowhere and doesn’t bother to get to know you. Everything goes so quickly you are in bed together before you know it. They trick you into thinking they are your soulmate.

2. He or she is stuck in a rut.

When it comes to talking about this person’s life they aren’t really doing much. It is literally as if this person is living his or her life in a rut and cannot get out.

3. You cannot spend time with him or her without having sex.

This person is far more oriented in relations than he or she should be. You plan to go to dinner and don’t want to do anything, you just want to get to know this person more and one thing leads to another. Even when you say no they seem to coax you into it every time.

4. When you try to cut things off he or she becomes angry.

No, I am not talking about cutting things off with them, in general, I just mean not being able to have sex with them or if an emergency comes up right in the middle of something. It is almost to the extent where if you get a phone call saying your Grandmother is on her deathbed and you had to leave in the middle of foreplay this person would still insist you finish and play the victim if you refuse.

(Image Via: /Pixabay)