Your Daily Horoscope for Saturday, May 4

Embracing the past isn’t the best look for you. In fact, it makes you appear downright stodgy. But maybe you don’t realise that’s what you’re doing. If you’re holding on — a little bit desperately — to some valued, important part of your life, take another look. Whatever it is that you’re trying so hard to retain, the truth is, anything that changes now is meant to change. Don’t let an outdated world view dominate your future. Seek new horizons.

A quiet strength is coursing through you. You’re feeling creative, in touch with your own gifts and intelligence. Good thing you’re modest by nature, because boasting about your talents wouldn’t do just now. Instead, be moderate and respectable today. Keeping up appearances will open doors for you. Once inside, you can do whatever you want. You’ve earned your audience and your support, fair and square. So play this with caution and skill. Play to win.

September 23-October 22

If you cling to control today, you can be relatively certain that someone will just try to wrest it away from you, and that kind of situation can get unpleasant fast. It would be far better to be an adult about this. It’s time to go back to the lessons you learned in elementary school on sharing. You don’t need to dominate everything and everyone around you. It’s better to be a part of a team.

October 23 – November 22

Clearly you have a lot of personal power. Your charisma is undeniable. Even more than that, if pressed, others would probably admit that you’re the one in control of the relationship. But that doesn’t mean you can use that power however you want. In fact, it gives you extra responsibility to use your position reasonably, especially today. Remember that some secrets are best left unspoken at this time, and maybe forever.