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The energy and healing powers of crystals have been used for thousands of years. From old world ancient civilizations to modern day alternative medicine, crystals have proven they have amazing abilities. A crystal can act as a conduit for healing and can be used to release spiritual, mental, and physical blockages, balance chakras, for meditation, EMF protection, in combination with herbs and so much more.

Most of us have heard remarkable stories about crystals, but don’t really know how to begin using them effectively in our lives. Books are a great resource and we have access to lots of them written by experienced crystal users. I have three new resources of crystal knowledge to share with you that will guide you on how to use crystals productively.

Modern Guide to Crystal Healing

The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing is a great resource whether your a newbie to the subject or an experience crystal user. The book is divided into two sections, Crystal Magic 101 and The Crystals. The first section teaches you how crystals are made, how they work, how to start collecting them, how to clean and charge them, where to place them in your home, which crystals are needed for chakra healing and how to use them in meditation.

The second section in an A-Z in-depth guide on fifty-one different crystals. With each crystal, you will learn about color variations, where its largest resource is, which chakra it works well with, how to care for it, if it’s safe around water, its metaphysical qualities and practical application on harnessing its power.

Herbs and Crystals DIY

Herbs and Crystals DIY will show us how to use plant medicine and crystal energy collectively to heal the mind and body. The book is broken up into four diverse sections, Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, and Fall Equinox. Each section shares a list of DIY recipes, rituals, and projects that will enhance various aspects of our lives. Learn to make a Wildflower and Crystal face steam, Lunar Bath Soaks, Cleansing Ritual Bath, healing balms, candles, a mandala, drinks, tonics, intention mists, dream catchers, immune boosting recipes and so much more.

Each DIY project has beautiful images and easy to follow instructions. Some of the ingredients may be hard to find, at least where I live. You may also need tools like a skin roller, hemp rolling papers, wood molds, linen thread and several others. And of course, you will need a variety of crystals. The back of the book has a list of the 20 most used crystals, so you could start with these if you are new to them. Secret code: Azurite

Crystals The Stone Deck

Crystals, the Stone Deck comes with a collection of 78 crystals cards and a small user manual. Each card will share how we can them to energize our lives. One side of the card has a vivid image of what the crystal looks like. The other side has information about what the crystal is, who needs it, where to put it, when to use it and what it does. An example is Honey Calcite – it’s a honey-colored mineral whose mission it is to turn the bewildered into super-driver workers. Anyone can use it and it’s suggested you kiss the stone instead of just placing in any location. Use this crystal when you want to break abundance barriers or are tired of waiting your turn.

The accompanying user manual shares how to: use the deck, meditate with crystals, make a fashion statement, honor your astrological sign, make a simple crystal grid, keep bad vibes out, get grounded, set an intention, manage long hauls, express yourself and how to take care of your stones.

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