The Art of Crystal Healing by Renee Starr

Crystals, gemstones, and many types of stones are potent sources of subtle energy that can be used to support healing on many levels, such as emotional, physical, and spiritual. There are many reasons why crystals are so powerfully effective in this way, and one of these reasons is that crystals can conduct, and emit electricity.

Science has known for quite some time that some crystals, such as quartz, are able to hold onto, and send out electrical energy, and we see this ability utilized in quartz timepieces, and with computer, and laser technology. This electrical ability of quartz is called piezoelectricity, which means that under stress, or pressure, quartz will expand slightly and then contract just enough to create a mild electrical charge. As humans, and animals are electrical beings: the heart and brain use electricity for healthy functioning, a crystal’s electrical nature can affect our own on a very subtle level, and this affect is the basis of crystal healing.

Crystals can be technologically programmed, and then used to conduct electrical energy, such as with a computer processor, which is made with a type of crystal called silicon, and so we can also use crystals to program, and direct energy for healing. It is thought that during a crystal healing session, universal, or cosmic energy is channeled through the healer, and then magnified, and directed through crystals placed on and/or around the client’s body. This crystal placement can be random, intuitive, or designed, and acts as a grid for energy to flow into, and out of the body.

For centuries, we have been associated certain crystals with unique healing properties to help deal with specific health issues, to help support physical, and emotional healing, and to bring harmony, peace, and balance to the psyche with their resonance, and vibration. A traditional example of this is the use historical use of copper to reduce swelling and inflammation. As the crystal malachite has a high concentration of copper within it, this crystal may help to relieve aching joints, and muscles.

Crystal healing is an art, and a practice that can be very effective to relax, calm, and open the channels of the body, mind and spirit to receive deep healing. Any, and all crystals can be used in healing sessions, and while there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to do this, it is a good idea to have a step-by-step guide to follow. Below I have provided one for you to use.

Crystal healing session

  • Create sacred space using sage, sound vibrations, incense, energy, or intention.
  • Ground and cleanse yourself with sage smoke.
  • Choose the crystals you will be using.
  • Arrange the recipient on a massage table, or the floor with soft blankets underneath. Support the knees, and neck with pillows, or bolsters. Place an eye pillow over their eyes.
  • Create a crystal grid, or design with the crystals on and around their body.
  • Stand at the feet of the recipient with your arms at your side, palms facing up towards the sky.
  • Ground yourself to the earth, by sending your energy down, and out through your feet.
  • Imagine that you are surrounded with white light, and this light is all around you, sealing your aura.
  • Ask for permission to perform this healing work from the recipient’s higher self.
  • Ask for angels, guardians, and the guides of both you, and the recipient to be present.
  • Then, with palms facing the soles of the recipient feet, but not touching them; wait for the feeling of the client grounding. Visualize their energy streaming from their soles to the earth. Watch for foot twitches to indicate this is complete. If no foot twitching, continue on.
  • Guide the recipient into a trance state using soothing words, or a brief meditation.
  • Move, and sweep your hands softly, gently, and slowly, all around the body without touching it, keep your hands about 10 inches above the body. Pause wherever there are crystals, or wherever you feel moved to do so, and make notice of any feelings, sensations, or information that you may receive.
  • When you feel complete; remove the crystals from on, and around the body.
  • Fluff and smooth the recipient’s aura with your hands by making gentle sweeping motions all around their body.
  • Seal the auric field with your hands by moving them in crisscross patterns from head to toe above the body, and then all around the edge of the recipient’s body without touching them, as you visualize that you are sealing the auric field.
  • Ground the recipient and yourself by standing at their feet once again, with palms out towards the soles of their feet, and waiting for the feeling of grounding. Visualize their energy streaming from the soles to the earth. Watch for foot twitches to indicate this is complete. If no foot twitching, continue on.
  • Make circular motions at the soles of their feet visualizing that you are sealing energy here.
  • Let the recipient know the session has ended, and move your body away from theirs. Ground yourself, and imagine that your energy is clean and clear.
  • Give thanks.
  • At this time, you may discuss any findings that you wish to share from the session with the recipient.

The above article is an excerpt from the Mystic Crystals course, which is now open for self-study enrollment. 

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