Colour Therapies – Gemstone & Crystal Healing

Colour Therapies – Gemstone & Crystal Healing

Gemstones and crystals play a big role in Arkrealm The Apprentice. In the novel all the Arketykes use crystals to access their powers and you can do the same. We will start with the simplest techniques and build up week by week. I will mention auras and chakras here, but I will go into more depth about these in later weeks. For now—an aura is an energy field, like a bubble, that surrounds every living thing and a chakra is a spinning wheel of energy, which is located at various spots in the body. Each chakra represents a different colour.

Gemstones are such an affordable way to begin with crystal therapy. I started my collection of gemstones with basic tumble-stones, available in New Age shops and markets at very affordable prices. The thing I like about them is that they are small and can fit into a pocket, in your bag or purse, be left on your desk to roll through your fingers to help thought processes, or even tucked into your pillow at night. Sometimes I tuck one into my bra for extra supportive energy. When you become a more advanced crystal user you can incorporate it with your meditation practises and chakra work, which we will cover in weeks to come.

How do crystals work? It’s one of those intangible things where it’s hard to prove, but they have been used throughout history with countless pieces of literature written about them. Of course science still turns its head on them. I for one can tell you I feel the energy resonating from them. Crystals, rather than gemstones are used in watches so they certainly do have energy, but they are generally more expensive. So let’s start off on the lower scale. Once you feel the changes happening in your life you will be thrilled to spend the money on an elegant crystal.

Here is a simple list of the most readily available gemstone for each colour and their healing properties. When you go into a shop to choose an individual crystal try and notice any changes you feel as you touch them. This may be a change in temperature, a sound in your head, that’s how Sandy Miller chooses hers and I choose mine, or maybe you are just drawn to one colour or shape in particular.


Red:Red jasper  is connected with the base chakra. It will create passion, courage & willpower and is great for helping with new projects. It assists in promoting honesty and directness. In your body it increases your physical stamina and sexual pleasure. It also supports the adrenal glands and circulation.

Orange:Carnelian is connected to the sacral chakra and is an excellent overall healing stone. It will support you with the courage to step outside your comfort zone and be adventurous. It will help you be more sociable and relieves stress and trauma. It enhances creativity. On a physical level it supports the reproductive systems, can be used for low blood pressure and for boosting the metabolism.

Yellow:Citrine is beneficial to all the chakras but the colour is associated with the solar plexus. It helps with environmental sensitivities and is useful to increase self-esteem, for study and mental focus, and creating a bright and sociable outlook, relieving worry. On a physical level it is energizing, detoxifying and a hormone balancer. It also helps digestion of food and ideas.

Green:Malachite’s main association is with the heart chakra, but also all the chakras mentioned above. It helps with expression of feelings. Removes inhibitions and stress and has a calming effect. It assists with mental issues in regards to sex and is a gemstone to help transformations. On a physical level it is useful for reproductive ailments and circulatory problems, nausea, vertigo, nerve problems, immune function, insomnia and digestive problems.

Blue:Turquoise is connected to the throat chakra. It supports our auric field and all the subtle energies throughout the body including the meridian lines. It enhances the intuition helping connections to spiritual worlds. It neutralizes harmful environmental influences, calms emotions and is useful in cases of panic attacks. It helps when you can’t find the words to say. On a physical level it acts as an anti-inflammatory, as a detoxifier and alkalizer for the body. Turquoise is also useful for sinus problems.

Indigo:Lapis Lazuli is associated with the third eye chakra. It is useful for cases of stress, anxiety and phobias. It is useful in bringing clarity to dreams, intuitive insight, and aids communication and meditation. This stone is useful when truthfulness is needed or one needs to give criticism or take criticism in a constructive way. It is excellent in all complaints of the throat, eyes, ears, brain and respiratory system.

Violet:Amethyst relates to the crown chakra. It is useful for pain relief. It can help decision making, understanding one’s dreams or nightmares and be used for treating fears and negative emotions. This crystal can be used to treat geopathic stress and used for protection against negative outside influences and addictions. On a physical level it helps the immune system, can help headaches, respiratory conditions and skin complaints. It can also act as a cleanser and digestive support.

Magenta:Sugilite relates to the higher crown chakra. It gives the user the strength to remain true to their beliefs and passions and move forward with them. It helps to bring ideas together in a creative way, and form strategies for projects. Sugilite is useful for people who feel they don’t fit in. It also helps release the past and live in the present. It heals the body via the mind and is useful for cases of autism or dyslexia, mental fatigue, paranoia, and addictions. The stone also helps the nervous system and is useful for pain relief.

White:Clear Quartzcrystals help harmonize all the chakras and the auric field. It brings clarity to one’s thoughts and helps access past memories. It helps intuitive awareness and enhances all aspects of our energy: mind, body and spirit. It helps release blocked emotions and find your spiritual purpose. On a physical level it enhances all the organs of the body, and is good for  the skin, hair and nails. It also enhances the effect of other crystals being used.

Black:Obsidian is not associated with any chakra but it is associated with our shadow side—our fears and phobias. Used correctly it can bring problems to the surface so that they can be processed. It can give you the power and determination to face your fears. This is a very powerful stone and should be used with professional assistance. Obsidian is sometimes polished into a sphere to aid clairvoyance. It can aid the digestive system, by releasing blocked energy.

If you have any questions about anything here, please forward them to the ‘Apprentice Help Portal’.


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