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His Story – Source: Mufon.com

I was asked by my wife to go out back and look up. There were two unusual lights coming over the house. I went out back to look and I saw a bright orange ball going behind the clouds. This ball was moving roughly northwest to southwest from my perspective. And in my very brief view of this, I did not see any running aviation lights. Then there were two more. I watched until everything was behind clouds. Still I saw nothing that would even closely remind me of an airplane – only of a burning ball. I realized that my wife must have been seeing much more than me. I went to the front of the house where I saw a single “burning ball” come over the house and begin to go behind the clouds.
It was this point when I realized that these balls of light were accelerating and increasing altitude as I watched them disappear behind the cloud deck. There were scattered clouds in the direction of the initial sightings and at no time did the lights appear to be obscured as they approached – only when roughly overhead and to the South. Each subsequent set of orange balls seemed to originate more toward the East or closer to me. Our house is on one of the landing approaches to Albany International Airport and we see planes very frequently. Also during the evening especially in the Winter months, we will see planes at very high altitude flying West to East and East to West. Even at very high altitudes there is no doubt that we are seeing commercial aircraft. The lights cannot be misunderstood.

As I was looking toward the North West, Mars was immediately behind me and very bright in the sky. The glowing fireballs were at least 10-12X brighter than Mars and did not deviate from this brightness.

The cloud deck was approximately 4 thousand feet at the point above my head. I retrieved a set of binoculars and got a decent look at the next set of two from behind the trees/horizon (not obscured) to a point above me. At no time did this thing remind me of an airplane, there were never running/blinking lights, never a hint of noise and never was I able to correlate these things with anything that I have ever witnessed.  What I saw was an orange ball or (this) simply reminded me of a ball of flame. These things were almost circular to slightly oval and reminded me greatly of seeing a hot air balloon from below if you could forget about seeing the basket portion. Also when a balloon is powered, it will have a roaring flamed gas jet whooshing sound pumping air into the balloon and would also have been extremely loud. It took approximately 20-30 seconds to traverse a point that was near the horizon from my view to a point nearly overhead. While looking at the fireballs in the binoculars, I got the distinct impression that I was looking at a digital flame, one that is utilized during action TV shows during explosions. Simply put, it looked fake not like an actual flame. The lights moved at approximately the same speed as a landing aircraft for reference. As for the hot air balloon reference, balloons (9 in all were seen) would not likely be flying over a city at night having to deal with incredible amounts of overhead high tension wires. I also highly doubt that balloons would be able to travel 150 to 250 knots as these lights were doing.

The other possibility that I considered was Chinese lanterns. The speed necessary to accomplish what I saw would have been unattainable by paper or any other container. Also their relative brightness would have been about 50X dimmer than what I saw in the air unless the Chinese lantern had a roaring bonfire within the upper container.

As the fourth group of lights went by, I looked immediately in the direction of the source of the lights. I would not allow myself to blink for fear I would miss something. At this point I still held the belief that these must be Chinese Lanterns, they just can’t be UFO’s I told myself. I stared at the point in the sky where they seemed to be originating and I wasn’t disappointed. Lights popped on one after the other above the City of Troy, New York in the sky area where fireworks are launched in the Summer on July 4. This area was known to me. These were intensely bright balls of flame.  The fireballs traveled horizontally until nearly directly West of where I was standing, angled upward at approximately 30 degrees then disappeared behind the clouds to my South West. The closest point to me was approximately 1 mile straight line distance. It was at this point that I became absolutely convinced that these were not airplanes, rockets, balloons, Chinese lanterns or anything else made on this Earth. They certainly weren’t meteors because the trajectory and speed was completely wrong. In the absence of any logical explanation, I concluded they were UFO’s.

The lights that I saw were a solid orange (flame colored) but I saw no actual flames only fake with no burning residue or smoke left as a trail. The speed and ever increasing altitude indicated that these things were under intelligent control. There were no blinking lights so I ruled out commercial craft. They were not meteors because they
would have likely varied in intensity, moved at 100-400X the speed as that witnessed and would have traveled in a downward direction not upward. There were 9 of these things, spaced roughly about 2 minutes apart in a configuration of 2-2-1-2-2 as seen overhead. The first group of two were moving alongside each other closely similar to how a wing man would accompany another plane. The remaining groups followed at a slightly greater distance but still together. As I was going into the house to get my binoculars, I could have missed two of these things go overhead but I’m still unsure at this point. There was never a good enough view to see these that a picture/photograph could have demonstrated relevant information. The only thing remaining was military aircraft flying over commercial airspace without running lights and glowing an intense orange or something truly unidentified or unidentifiable.

It remains unidentified to me!”

MAY 12, 2014

Time: 9:30 to 10:45 p.m.

Day/Date: May 12, 2014

Tom Conwell – Ufologist, Extreme Paranormal Encounter Response Team (Expert) Currently

Troy, NY – Within the city limits but at the southern boundary. We live directly on the glide path for jets landing at Albany, NY and there is traffic overhead on most evenings. The city lies north of our location and we cannot see city lights because we live on top of a hill with a tree line and hill intervening.

Weather: scattered clouds to my north and northwest at approximately 4,000 feet. The area directly to my west was clear and there was a heavier cloud bank to my southwest.

Tom Conwell, Author of They Are Here

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