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There are many vibrational brainwave states and each thought and emotion has its own signature wave state.

Changing our thoughts and emotions changes our brainwave vibrations, but did you know that you can change your state of being just by changing your brainwaves?

These are 5 categories of brainwave vibrational states that you should be aware of.

Gamma – Beta – Alpha – Theta – Delta

Image: http://www.medicalook.com/human_anatomy/organs/Brain_waves.html


Gamma brain waves oscillate at a frequency of 38 to 100 HZ.


The fastest, generally occurring recorded brainwave state, gamma brainwaves contributes to rapid information processing, peak concentration and learning. They are shown to be highly active when experiencing states of love, altruism and “higher virtues”. Gamma neurological firing was once said to be above the frequency of neuronal firing, but now is known to fire at a tiny amplitude, barely noticeable.

Gamma brainwaves serve to bind and harmonize the different parts of the brain. When your various senses observe an object through sight, smell, taste etc. the object is perceived by different parts of the brain. Gamma unifies the information and creates coherence of various inputs.

It’s also associated with feelings of compassion, higher levels of insight and information, psychic abilities, spiritual realizations and out of body experiences.

This new region of brain activity and states of consciousness associated
with more spiritual states of self-awareness is called Epsilon. Read more about it here.

Gamma state improves memory and perception and is considered the optimal state for functioning.



Beta brain waves oscillate at a frequency of 12 to 38 HZ.


Beta state is the dominant state of the alert, waking mind. When engaged in activities of the outside world, you are in beta state. This brainwave state consists of high frequency, low amplitude waves and uses a lot of energy to maintain. They are great for engaging in tasks, thinking fast, writing and engaging in conversations.

Most schools and workplaces encourage and operating in the beta state. Beta state is great for engaging in tasks, thinking fast, writing and having conversations.

Beta is also associated with excitement and rushes of adrenaline. You are in beta state when you are goal oriented and getting things done. Prolonging in this state is associated with stress, muscle tension, increased blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia and addiction.



Alpha brain waves oscillate at a frequency of 8 to 12 HZ.


Alpha waves and slower and higher in amplitude than beta waves. Alpha state is a relaxed and usually meditative state. Alpha brainwaves promote creativity, problem-solving and a flow state or “getting into the zone”. Alpha brainwaves allow for more balanced emotions.

Because alpha is a relaxed state, tension, anxiety and stress dissolve when you move from beta to alpha. This leads to mental coordination, alert calmness and the release of serotonin.

Alpha brainwave state bridges the conscious and subconscious mind. When you are in alpha state accessing your subconscious mind, you are highly suggestible. Your subconscious mind doesn’t understand logical and physical limitations like your conscious mind does. When you are in an excited or stressed state, you may block the production of alpha waves. Meditation or relaxation techniques can bring you back to alpha state.

When you are in an excited or stressed state, you may block the production of alpha waves. Meditation or relaxation techniques can bring you back to alpha state.

Alpha waves also promote the awareness of being in the present, or “in the now”. Switching into alpha states boosts the immune systems and helps with learning large amounts of information.



Theta brain waves oscillate at a frequency of 3 to 8 HZ.


Theta brainwaves are of greater amplitude to alpha and even slower. Usually, theta brainwaves occur when you are in a dreaming state of sleeping and in deep meditation. Theta brainwaves can occur when you are awake, although most adults do not get relaxed enough to maintain this state.

Theta is associated with intuition, healing and creativity. Theta is also great for language learning and development. Theta improves spiritual awareness and is associated with ESP and channeling.

Artists, musicians and children can more easily access theta by being in a very relaxed and/or creative state.

You can get into theta state while driving, when you “zone out” and don’t remember how you got from there to here. Repetitive tasks that disengage your mind such as brushing your teeth or showering creates theta waves allowing a flow of ideas to suddenly come up.

You can also go into theta when daydreaming, playing video games, jogging or meditating. In theta state, our senses are withdrawn from the external world and focused on our internal world.

Theta state is where we keep deep feeling, raw emotions, fears, traumas and nightmares.

When in theta state, you have difficulty focusing and prolonged theta state may create feelings of disengagement, boredom and depression.



Delta brain waves oscillate at a frequency of .5 to 3 HZ.


Delta brainwaves are of higher amplitude than beta. Slow, loud and deep — like a drum beat. They are created in deep, dreamless sleep and in the deepest meditations.

They promote feelings of empathy, extreme bliss and compassion.

They are associated with deep, restorative healing sleep. Delta brainwaves stimulate the pituitary gland releasing human growth hormone, HGH. They are also associated with aiding in the release of anti-aging hormones, melatonin and DHEA, while decreasing cortisol, the stress hormone that promotes aging.

Apart from infants and advanced meditators, not many people are able to be in a delta brainwave state and remain conscious. Usually, they will drift into unconscious sleep beforehand.

Delta brainwaves allow for connection beyond your subconscious mind and into your unconscious mind, where you have access to control what would normally be unconscious or automatic functions in your body, mind and emotions.

Delta waves are involved in involuntary bodily functions such as heartbeat and digestion and are where much restoration and healing in the body takes place.

Delta promotes excellent intuitive abilities, connection with your spiritual self, ESP and out of body experiences.