12 Most Common Signs Your Consciousness Is Raising To Higher Vibrational Levels

The spiritual awakening of each person is a unique journey, a path that each one of us needs to walk on alone and win all the struggles to self-acknowledgement and spiritual enlightenment. The spirits, energies and consciousness level are different for each person. That means that the spiritual awakening or just raised consciousness manifest differently to different people.

There are 12 basic and most common signs that indicate your level of consciousness and vibration are raising. Check out if you are going through this specific process:

1. You are more in control of your emotions

You start to see your emotional side with different eyes. You learn that you are able to control your emotions better than ever before and you learn that each outburst of emotion takes big responsibility.

2. You become open-minded and adopt a better perspective of living your life

You start to truly value open-mindedness and being free. You respect the fine things in life and you search for a true purpose of living, something above the trivial monotony of the everyday life.

3. You are more grateful for everything that you have in life whatever they may be

You start to respect and value everything around you, including nature, God and yourself. You set your priorities straight and you are happy with what you have at the moment.

4. You have increased empathic skills and are able to put yourself in the shoes of others

You become more compassionate than ever before and you feel that your empathic skills are increased.

5. You become highly creative and want to approach things in a new and better way

Your open-mindedness and the new concepts of living you want to implement give you the inspiration and the initiative to be creative and produce new intellectual and material properties.

6. You have an increased self-awareness

You become more focused on your position in the social circles and how you relate to other people. You care more about your own actions and the consequences.

7. You have become difficult to manipulate and no longer follow the rule of others

You do your own thing regardless of what others think of it.

8. You easily forgive others. You have come to distinguish between the sin from the sinner

Your energy becomes softer and lighter. You are less aggressive and dualistic.

9. You are more kind to others, even to animals and plants

Most especially, you are more kind to yourself. You understand that all life is sacred.

10. You are able to give without expecting something in return

It’s because you adhere to the workings of positive karma.

11. You meditate every day to connect with your Higher Self.

Meditating and being spiritually active is one of the crucial steps to seeking spiritual enlightenment. If you don’t meditate or execute any form of spiritual practice, you should begin immediately. If not else, you will feel both physically and mentally better.

12. You shut yourself from people, situations or places that can give you a negative vibration

You recognize and acknowledge the power of energy and the vibrations of people’s aura. You won’t risk being surrounded by people full of negativity and plagued by negative karma.

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