What is the Best Way to Get the Most Out of Your Bikram Yoga Classes?

Bikram Yoga is all about connecting you with your body, mind and soul. This connection brings you many health and social benefits. But how do you get the most out of your Bikram Yoga classes? At YogaSol, we believe taking a 90-minute class, twice a week is a must.
Here are 5 ways you get the most from the healing benefits of Bikram Yoga classes.

Postures Held for Specific Length of Time

In a  90-minute Bikram Yoga class, the 26 postures are held for an extended length of time during each sequence. Maintaining poses requires you to hold your body in stillness, focusing and breathing through the process. This intense focus creates changes in your body while giving you structure around the chaos of your day and developing your strength of mind.

Each Posture is Repeated Twice

You will feel the first set of Bikram poses begin to warm your body, helping create alignment in the postures. The second set of poses allows you to go deeper, fully reaping the benefits each pose has to offer. This is when you start seeing your progression from one class practice to the next.

50 Minute Standing Series

The first 50 minutes of the class is when the Standing Series of postures are completed. The Standing Series elevates your heart rate, metabolic rate and core temperature to an ideal level for healing and physiological and mental changes to occur.

40 Minute Floor Series

The Final 40 minutes of the class consists of the Floor Series. The Floor Series allows your body to continue its healing process in the heated room because our core temperature will remain the same. During the Floor Series, your body and mind will also begin to relax and release any built up tension as your heart and metabolic rate begin to lower. Each floor posture is separated by a short rest period (Savasana). Savasana is just as important as each posture, giving your body a release from the previous pose and readying your mind for what’s next. Savanna allows you to recover, gain extra oxygen and move with energy into the next floor position. This full cycle of pose and release gives your body the most efficient and productive benefits from your Bikram practice.

Full Instruction

While it might seem convenient to attend a shorter class, our beginners find it most useful to attend the 90-minute classes while they learn the sequence. The 90-minute class allows time for the instructors to give full guidance and walk around gently correcting alignment to help you perfect your practice. Beginners certainly find this useful, but lack of focus and attention to detail can affect us all. Attending a 90-minute class at least twice a week keeps even the most experience practitioners in peak performance.
In our fast paced world and hectic lifestyles, it’s tempting to take shortcuts. At YogaSol, we are dedicated to getting you the best results from your Bikram practice, and that’s why we believe it’s essential to take at least 2 full Bikram classes a week. You’ll see better results and feel the true healing benefits of our hot yoga practice. This can only be gained from completion of a FULL 90 minute Bikram Class comprising of the 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises.
Thinking about joining us for the first time? Take a look at these beginner tips.

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